05 – Hidden Android Launchers ???? Make Your Phone Cool

In Google Play Store we see so many android apps, games, and launcher stored, and those are really helpful beautiful and amazing for us but there is a problem we face when we want to download any of them, and this is selecting and the selection is one of the best and comprehensive things for us.

Because every phone has there own features and launchers and we use them by default but we bored when we used system launcher so much and that’s the reason why we need to download install other launchers on our phone to get more beautiful look.

So now in this article, i will give five most useful and amazing looking android launchers that i already used on my phone and I’m 100% guaranty that you also, like these launchers so very much, and i will give you 5 hidden android launchers that will make your phone super cool.

If your phone Samsung, Huawei, Google Pixel, OnePlus, or any other brand then don’t worry you just keep eye on all the launchers and just install and use them and then just tell me the feedback on the comment section below, how much you like those launchers?

Win X Launcher

Win X Launcher is one of the best launchers of all the list because of the look of the launcher, if you go to play store and search for the launcher name then you will see a windows 10 icon on the launcher and this is the main thing that this launcher has for us.

This launcher look and feel is just awesome and you will get all the main main features of windows 10 on this launcher, so if you like to use windows 10 on your phone then definitely you should try this launcher immediately, also, you can get the “Start Menue” like windows 10.

Also, you will find Calendar, Cortana, My Computer, Recycle bin, and so many other features, also, this launcher has so many things on their own store, and if you want to download and get feel all the launcher of this store then you can easily get all from there store.

So to download the Win X Launcher for android you just go to play store and search for this launcher name and then you will get this launcher easily with official, and then you can install this easily, also, i will give you a button to download this from play store.

ASAP Launcher

ASAP launcher is one of the best and smooth launcher for android users and this launcher app has there own home screen replacement feature which lets you do what you want faster, without the clutter.

We need faster navigation features when we want to install and use any launcher on our phone and this launcher has there Fast Navigation feature on their app because this launcher app has there owned app drawer and quick settings drawer feature to use faster our phone.

Minimal Design & Simple Customization: Yes! we see so many launchers has there so many customization and colors on their app but many times we don’t like them and we want minimal design and colors and that’s why this app gives you the features and makes you more comfortable to use your phone.

Osmino Launcher

This is basically one of the best launcher that i ever used in my launchers life because of this app cool features and animations, also, this launcher has there own app drawer feature and where you will see animations movement that looks like cool for us.

And also, if you click on any icon of your app and then you see your icons will be flying and this is i really like of this launcher, and basically this launcher famous for there icon pack and animations because so many users likes to use icon full launchers and animations full.

Total Launcher

Total Launcher is one of the best Unique android launchers that has so many unique features like one tab, and animations, you don’t need to customize the theme because this already has there own customization that’s are really cool to see.

If you like to see your “Home Page” simple and clean and if you like to use simple and end full customization launcher settings on your phone then you can use this on your phone because this launcher has all the features that you want.

You can make your own shortcut to use your all useable apps and software easily and you can use all the software of your phone is just you home screen, you don’t need to go anywhere to access your apps, and also, this launcher has there own so many launchers that you will find on play store.

AUG Launcher

If you want to make your android or tablet phone more Unique and amazing looking then start using AUG Launcher for your phone because this is a unique launcher for any android phones and that has a number of interesting features.

Why i say that this launcher is unique because this app has Highly customizable features and so many more like Gesture and so many more but Gesture is one of the best features of this AUG launcher because this makes your phone fast using.

You just draw anything and access to it very fast and this is the main feature of this app, also, this app has there Swipe feature, so using this you can access all your favorite apps easily you swipe right or left and get your most useable apps on your screen.

Which Is The Best Android Launchers To Give Your Phone Futuristic Look?

I know in those launchers, you will get confused to choose the right and futuristic looking launcher for your phone, but don’t worry if you want to use the right one then please read the features and all the descriptions carefully, that’s why you will get better understand which one you need to use.

I recommend you to use the: Win X and the ASAP 🙂 also, you can check more launchers, like those:

Evie Launcher For Android

N+ Launcher For Android 7.0

Action Launcher Apk For Android

Helping To Choose The Best One With Video


Now its time to select the best one: so now it’s your turn to install the best one from this list, we already used all android launchers app from this list so you can use them don’t worry, just you need to check if you want to get the feel of windows 10 then you can use the first one.

And also, if you found anything helpful then please do comment on the comment section, and also, if you found anything wrong with this article then please do also, a comment and tell me your problem related to this topic that’s why i will give you response very first!.