HostArmada Review: a Service With Many Packages and Extra Amenities

Hosting is one of the most critical elements of running a site. After all, their servers power your site, so if the servers are down, so is your site. In addition, security is also highly dependent on your host, and so are loading speeds.

No amount of optimization can help loading times if the host’s servers are slow. Today we’ll dedicate a full review to a hosting provider HostArmada. We’ll talk about the service they offer and if it’s a viable solution for your website. Let’s start!



HostArmada is a popular hosting service offering many different hosting packages and services, all bundled with some extra amenities along the way. The service is known for being very reliable and offering fantastic customer service.

And even though they’re a relatively new company, they’re for sure not lagging on behind the competition. Let’s explore what they have to offer.

Hosting Packages

HostArmada has a lot of different hosting packages, and their prices tend to be on the more affordable side than their main competitors. Prices for shared hosting start as low as $2.99 per month.

There are several pricing plans for every package they provide. However, you cannot pay a strictly monthly fee; 3 months is as low as you can go. They are even lower if you choose to purchase hosting for three years right away.

Hosting Options:

Shared Hosting – One of the cheapest options where your site shares a server with several others.

Reseller Hosting – A package for those who want to sell their hosting and create hosting accounts.

VPS Hosting – Provides your very own virtual private server, and all of the resources are yours and yours alone.

Dedicated CPU Hosting – Have your server.

Opensource Hosting – A hosting package specially designed for opensource apps

Development Hosting – As the name would suggest, this is a hosting package for developers bundled with unique resources and tools.

WordPress Hosting –  A hosting package designed specifically for WordPress users, and as far we can tell, based on users’ options, one of the best WordPress hosting packages around.

These options have several vital features in common: unmeasured traffic – no more counting the visitors and worrying if the site will crash when there are too many. There’s free migration so that you can move the site to the new server, with an effort on your part, daily backups, unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited number of databases, a free SSL certificate, etc. Oh, and it also comes with a free domain name.


Domain checklist

Domains are an essential part of starting a website, and with HostArmada’s service, you can search for one, register it and start using it within minutes. Search for the keywords you’re interested in, and assess the availability of the domain.

If it’s free, you’ll get a handful of extension suggestions with varying prices based on popularity and general domain authority. There are many extensions to choose from; you don’t have to limit the search to a .com or a .net. Choose virtually any domain extension from .tel, and .science all the way to .coupons and .systems.

When it comes to domains, this service is an all-in-one package. Aside from just the domain name you’re purchasing with every domain name, HostArmada is also going to provide you with a domain management panel, domain locking, domain forwarding, DNS management, and subdomain management.

In addition, you’ll also get 24/7 support, renewals with flat pricing, and notifications. We all forget about domain renewals sometimes, but if you opt for the notification, you’ll never forget again.

Data Centers

HostArmada Data Centers

Remember when we mentioned Host Armada is relatively new to the game? Well, that might cause you to worry about the availability of their services and, more importantly, if they have enough data centers. For those unfamiliar, if your hosting provider’s servers are far away from your visitors geographically, it will cause the site to load extremely slowly.

While we will admit that we too had our doubts, we’re pleased to report that this is not the case. HostArmada has data centers in four continents and combined. They come up to 9. 4 are in North America, two are in Europe, 1 in Australia, and two in Asia (Singapore and Mumbai). Being so scattered worldwide, you’ll never have to worry about location issues and loading times.

Data Centers

This service will not let you down. It will optimize your loading times, on the one hand, and make the service available no matter where you are in the world. Your server will be deployed from the data center closest to you, and we can guarantee you’ll be content with it.

What Makes HostArmada Stand Out

Aside from their affordable web hosting pricing packages, two aspects of HostArmada have to be acknowledged – loading speed and security.

Loading Speed


HostArmada will make your website blazing fast, which is essential for long-term success and growth. The speed affects not only customer satisfaction but also SEO, conversions, bounce rate, etc. Plus, if everything loads up fast, your users will be more inclined to spend more time on the site. So, how does HostArmada do this?

The first thing is that it uses modern native SSD storage to enhance the loading speed by reducing the time needed for read/write operations. Secondly, it uses lossless compression of data through Bortli compression. And thirdly, it uses a CDN (content delivery network) that boosts static content delivery speed.


Digital Security Lockscreen Concept

The security of your site vastly depends on the security of your hosting. After all, it’s their servers that are powering your website. Shared hosting usually tends to have the most issues with threats due to a possible overlap of accounts. HostArmada takes care of this by ensuring accounts are entirely isolated.

In addition, as we’ve already mentioned, it offers daily backups and fast patching whenever there seems to be an issue with the security system. Beyond just that, HostArmada put in the work regarding security using two protocols they named the Service Security Fleet and the Environment Security Fleet. The former surveys web traffic to prevent incoming attacks, and the latter focuses o identifying and mitigating existing threats or vantage points in the system.


HostArmada seems to be an option worthy of your consideration. They have affordable prices, especially when compared to some of their competitors that offer the same level of security. Even with shared hosting, which is usually the wonkiest one, you won’t have to worry about the possibility of malware or attacks.

The loading speeds are also rather impressive, but we have to mention that loading speed is the highest in more expensive hosting plans. Regardless, even though HostArmada is a reasonably new player in the game, it has a lot to offer, and choosing it as a hosting provider won’t leave you wanting.