Top Five AI Tools to Create Niche-Targeted Content

In today’s modern world, everyone wants to become someone impressive, but not everyone knows that you compete everyday. Nowadays, with more and more people getting into the well-known business of content marketing, it is hard for you to stand out and provide something worth reading. Nowadays, bloggers often use best AI writing tools to help them in their work.

Content marketers are struggling to be innovative; every other post is practically the same. To not get lost and swiped from search engines, you need to give out quality content related to its niche. Don’t worry, sit back, relax, read this article and solve your problems.

So, the obvious question is, “How do we solve this? How do we get more creative?’’ It is a straightforward question, with a more precise answer, with the help of Artificial Intelligence. AI content optimization helps you rephrase your content to get the maximum engagement and increase conversion rates.

In this article, we give you five top AI tools.

1. CrawIQ


CrawlIQ is a powerful and advanced marketing tool that helps you target your audience, research them, and provide the best quality copy designed explicitly for them. With the help of AI-assisted market research, you can run as many target audience tests as you like before giving out content.

For you to find the best content that can cause emotional affinity to your targeted audience, you can go deeper into the sub-niche and micro-niche. You have everything for anything, and we mean literally; for social media, you can use the feature of Text Summarizer, for the blogs, the outstanding AI Writer, and the sales content the Sales copywriter.

The pricing for these tools starts at $79 for the single packet, $158 for the double packet, and $237 for the multiple packets, with the ability to have ten users with 35 workspaces and 40,000 output generation credits per month.

2. Frase


This software is considered to be the number one AI software in the world. With this power tool, you can create the most effortless content idea and then drive your SEO results faster than ever before. To drive more organic traffic, you have to use related keywords to your topic.

Moreover, with Frase, everything is ten times easier. You have an option to sign up for free, but to get all the features that this tool provides, you have the basic package, which costs $49,99/month. To see the pricing of the team and enterprise package, check out their site, and keep in mind that every annual plan gets a 15% off at checkout.

3. WordAI


In order for Google to get you at the top, you need a tool like this. WordAI helps you rephrase your same old boring content in seconds, turning it into a high-quality one, making your audience fall in love again. They have a free trial that you can start immediately or an annual plan.

4. Grammarly


Everyone’s heard about Grammarly, but not many knew that this is also an AI content writer machine. It is excellent for spell checking, plagiarism detection, and many other content-related services. You install this tool, and automatically, it will be displayed whenever you encounter a text, keeping up with you and tracking your mistakes.

It is not just a safety net; by purchasing the premium package, you will get a detailed explanation of which and what sentences to improve to make them high quality.

5. Articoolo


This tool has the same concept as the previous four; it is all based on making great unique content in just a blink of an eye. Just enter the theme and the length you prefer, and an algorithm will take care of your needs. You can start with a free account by using Facebook, Twitter, or simply an email.


We have come to an end to this fantastic article; let’s get a quick recap on what we learned today. For you to be at the top of your game, use an AI content optimization tool, track your audience, and make them fall in love with your writing.