How To Install Nethunter in Termux Without Root? 100% Working

Is it possible to run kali nethunter in termux?

Yeah, i can and i will show you how to do that without any problem, you just need to do some things carefully because these are steps to install nethunter in termux android without root.

What we need to install Kali Nethunter on Termux?

  • Updated Termux App
  • Good Internet Connection
  • Some Internal Storage Space

So if you have these things then you can successfully install and run kali nethunter on android without root.

Steps to Install Nethunter in Termux

Open termux app and use some popular commands first one by one.

#1. pkg update

#2. pkg upgrade

After that yow you need to use a kali nethunter termux Github script Hax4us, so just use this command…

git clone

Now its time to give permission to the installed kali nethunter scrip by using this command below

chmod +x kalinethunter

So after giving permission now its time to give command to execute kali nethunter scripts on termux so just use this command


Now you successfully installed kali nethunter on termux without root, so to run nethunter just use this command below.


Now it’s time to enjoy because you successfully installed kali nethunter on your android phone with termux app, now you can find your all favorite tools in one place.

Note: i just giving you knowledge about how to protect yourself from online hacking so please be aware of hacking.

Bottom line

Run kali nethunter on android without root is really working and I’m 100% sure these steps are working fine because i tested it on phone, so if you found any error while installing nethunter on termux without root then please ask me in the comment section.