How To Install Phoneinfoga in Termux? (Without Root)

Phoneinfoga is an information-gathering tool for Termux or Kalilinux, basically, if you want to track any phone number or want to collect phone number information then you need to install Phoneinfoga in Termux, and then you can do it easily.

So if you already know about this tool then just read the installation process of the Phoneinfoga tool in termux without root, so without wasting time let’s start today’s process.

Steps To Install Phoneinfoga in Termux

pkg update
pkh upgrade
pkg install python
pkg install python2
pkg install git
git clone
cd PhoneInfoga
python3 -m pip install -r requirments.txt
chmod +x *
python3 -n +(this is the place where you need to put the phone number with country code to gether informations)

This is the whole process of installing the Phoneinfoga tool on termux without root, so if you want to set up this tool successfully then you need to read and exactly do the same work on your termux then you can do it.

Were not teaching any hacking tricks or techniques we just giving knowledge about how my readers protect their online privacy and informations from bad hackers.


Bottom Line

I know this is very easy to do and already you installed the Phoneinfoga information gathering tool on your termux, also, if you found anything wrong then you just ask me in the comment section that’s why i will give you response about it, Thank you.