How To Fix: Error From Android, Tablet?

Recently I searching on so many android forums and find where peoples are searching for fix “” error of android and peoples are not getting any specific solution to this problem so that’s why I decided to show you how to fix this error from your any android tablet or anything.

So also, I recently published so many android problem-related solutions on my some previous articles so if you’re facing any android related problems then check out my old articles from my website, and now I will show you how to fix “” error from your android?

Some mejor error for android and solutions

When You Found This Kind Of Error Of Your Phone?

Basically when you’re using any applications or games then you will notice one thing an error black message will repair your screen and where you will see a notice called “” and this is the android black screen problem.

This message continuously popping on your face when you cannot fix that from your android phone, so if you want to fix this error then you need to know how to fix them? and also one thing: so many peoples know that this is a virus and this is really very harmful to our phone.

Basically for those peoples, I will tell you one thing: this is not any virus and this will not harmful for our android phone, so don’t worry about the virus, so if cleared about this error then I will starting my tutorial about how to fix this error from our android or tablet phone permanently.

How To Fix “” Error From Android or Tablet Permanently?

So much has happened, now is the time to fix this, so now its time to remove this from our phone and here I will give you the complete step by process to this, and you need to read carefully all process and then you want to do it to your android or tablet phone for fix this error.

So you need to do a factory reset for fix this error then you can use your phone, I know there are so many ways has on the internet to fix this error but those are not working methods and I used those methods one by one, so just “factory reset” will work to fix this error, so I will teach you how to it?

  • First, you need to keep safe your all data, like images, videos, and audios to any other phone or computer.
  • Then you need to open your battery from your phone and then again put your battery on your phone.
  • Then you just hold down your phones “Volume Down button” and then also, same time hold down the “Power button”.
  • When you see an Android logo will apair your screen then you just stop holding buttons.
  • So using the “Power Down” button go to the “Wipe data/factory reset” option and click on it by using “Power Button”.
  • After going on this, you need to go on the “Yes” button and then click again using “Power Button” and this will be started restoring everything from your phone automatically.

Done! now your phone will automatically be restoring everything and this is the easy process to fix “” error to your android or tablet phone, and this is a proven technique to fix so many types of errors includes this.

Fix “” Error Using Soft Reset (Android, Tablet)

This another best method to fix some majors errors of android, I mean using soft reset you can solve so many android problems easily, and also you can fix this error, so how to do soft reset you know that? don’t worry here I will give you the process to fix “” error using some easy methods.

  • Go to your android phone or tablet phones “settings”.
  • Then scroll and go to the “Backup and Restore” option.
  • Then click on the “Factory Reset” option and agree with all the permissions and done!

I’m 100% sure that this error will go if you do this on your phone, so you just follow all the steps that I gave to you and try to your phone and see what result you got? after doing all methods.


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