How To Turn Off Likee Notifications? Likee Users Do This Now!

So welcome friends my another how-to article and recently I published an article about how to stop showing Likee videos on the IMO app and there I discussed the IMO and so many things.

And also, if you read my how-to category articles then you will find lots of tech-related articles so definitely check my this category also, and you know that in this article what I’m showing you?

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Basically in this particular article, I will show you how you can easily turn off Likee notifications on your android mobile? and I will show you step by step process about this topic, so stay with us.

How To Stop Showing Likee Notification On Android?

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So if you want to turn off notifications of likee app then you need to read this article carefully then you can do this, so without wasting your time lets get start our tutorial:

  • First Open your “Settings” on your android.
  • Then go to the “Notification Center”.
  • And then open “Notification Access” and check there.
  • In the “Notification Access” option you will find your Likee app just click on it and uncheck the Tik mark.
  • Then go back and then open “App Notification” and find again your “Likee” app from there.
  • And then you see an option called “Block” you just click on it and enable it.

Done now you blocked all the notification of Likee app, Now you will not get any notification from the Likee app, if you want to re-enable this then you just re-enable all the settings again.

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So I think now you can do this on your mobile and also if you cant do this by using my article then find on youtube related to this topic, and also if you want to stop notification of any application then you can do by using the same method.

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So I think you found lots of helpful method from this article, if you found good then you just share my article on your social media and also leave a comment below and feel free and ask me anything related to this topic, so thank your for reading and goodbye!