Five Signs You Need a CRM System

Every business owner’s life eventually gets to the point where they feel overwhelmed by certain aspects and out of control. You might be unhappy because your company isn’t growing as quickly as you’d want. On the other side, it could be growing at such a breakneck pace that you’re completely overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next.

CRM, client relationship management, is an acronym used to describe the software that manages customer relationships. It’s a tool designed to help you keep track of your client interactions. Let’s look at some of the signs showing your organization could need a CRM.

1. Your Customer Data Is Organized Poorly

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One of the most enticing features of CRM systems is this. When you get new information about a client, you may update it in one place and only one place. There are no longer any sticky notes lying throughout the room.

CRMs make everything centralized, regardless of the team size. The procedure of importing client data is further simplified in some CRM platforms. The Act! Growth Suite, for example, may automatically update information from Outlook.

2. You Are Overwhelmed by the Number of Communication Channels

There is no shortage of communication channels available to your users these days; in fact, there is an abundance. Email, phone, social media, several messaging applications, and various other techniques are used to communicate.

It makes determining who said what and when challenging. By keeping track of all your contacts with customers, prospects, and leads, you can streamline communication and improve support, marketing, and sales.

For emails, in particular, sales and marketing automation tools can leverage CRM data to take a lot of routine tasks off your hands.

3. You Are Inputting Too Much Data Manually

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Many systems require manual data entry, which takes too much time and allows other errors to appear. Duplicates, typos, and fundamental errors may occur due to manual data entry, losing you money in the long term.

Using a CRM, you can quickly import a customer’s information from an online form, for example. It’s simple to set up and use, and it supports a wide range of integration touchpoints, including email, calendars, and social media.

4. You Are Struggling With Lead Prioritization

CRM solutions can help you re-prioritize lead generation if you have more than you can handle. Prioritizing leads, delegating to the appropriate sales agents, or simply being more proactive in contacting the relevant individual can help your team become more self-sufficient.

In your CRM software, you can easily make comments and notes and provide rights to the team so that only the managers have access to certain information.

5. You Want to Be Able to Scale Your Operations

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CRM software reduces time, resulting in cheaper administrative and management expenditures. Using the right CRM technology lets you enroll more personnel with minimal training costs because employees learn one dashboard instead of many. This is particularly true when you integrate your CRMs with other business systems, like contract lifecycle management systems, for example.

Similarly, instead of dealing with a slew of vendors, you’ll only have to deal with one, freeing up time and resources to focus on what matters most: growing your business with complete peace of mind.


If you have found yourself relating to any of these five situations, then we have news for you. You need a CRM system!

These tools are multi-purpose and are proven to be an excellent investment, both from a time and money-saving perspective and as a way to improve your business.