Now You Can Send Telegram Bold Italic and Monospace Feature When You’re Chating To Anyone Here is How To Do?

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So this is our latest updates category where we share the latest updates related to tech and so many things and in this article, i will give you simply an update related to telegram messenger and already i published so many articles related to the telegram, you can get it from my previous articles.

So now recently Official Telegram Launched their “format text shortcuts” and now using this feature you can make your text or chat Bold, italic and so many more and i know this is amazing and cool to use.

So here is the official Telegram Messenger Tweet on Twitter


So now you understand what im telling you, if yes! then here is the guide for you about how to use them? so here i will show you how to use shortcuts to make your telegram text “bold italic and ‘monospace'” so to know that just read the full article.

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Steps To Send Telegram Bold, Italic, and Monospace Feature on Android and Tablet?

So this is the simple steps for you just read them carefully and then start to implement those codes on your android devices because in these steps i just show you for android and tablet phone users.

  • So to make your telegram chatting more amazing and beautiful you just open your telegram messenger.
  • Then go to the parson ID, where you want to send the text.
  • So when you found the person to send the demo message now you just click on the chatbox to write anything for the person.
  • So to make your text “Bold” you just use this code (**Your message here**).
  • Now if you want to make your text italic then use this code (__Your message here__).
  • Now if you want to make your text “monospace” style then use this code (‘Your message here’).
  • So that’s set, using those codes you can make easily make your text bold, italic and monospace on telegram messenger so start using this feature now.

Steps To Send Telegram Bold, Italic, and Monospace Feature on Desktop, Mac?

So now if you’re using a Computer or Pc or if you’re using any Apple mac book then what you can do for it and how to use the bold, italic, and monospace feature on telegram? so don’t worry I’m here for you and i will give you some shortcodes to make your telegram text cooler.

Style Name Windows Mac
Bold CTRL + B ⌘ + B
Italics CTRL + I ⌘ + I
Monospace CTRL + SHIFT + M ⌘ + SHIFT + K
Insert link CTRL + K
Codes List

So i think you know how to use them on Mac or Windows because this is an old update of telegram but also, i showed you for the educational purposes, don’t worry if you don’t need to know how to use those codes on Mac or Windows then you can skip it.

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Bottom Line

So this is the update for today and i hope you enjoyed and now you understand how to use telegram bold, italic, and monospace feature for the latest telegram update with both operating system like android or ios, so if you found anything helpful then comment below also, if you want to get those types of updates then sty with our blog immediately, Thank You!