Latest Whatsapp Features January 2021 Updated

Whatsapp is one of the best messenger apps for all the countries and they using WhatsApp so much, and we know that recently Facebook-owned messaging platform WhatsApp and they added some latest WhatsApp features for users, including a call button. WhatsApp has added a new feature to their Android beta update.

To use these features you need to download the latest beta version ( of the WhatsApp app.

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Latest Whatsapp Features (Updated 2020-2021)

Now let’s talk about all the features one by one, sp before start our article i will recommend you to read the full article carefully for know better about the latest WhatsApp updates.

#1. Call button

This popular platform is bringing call buttons for business chat. Here the voice call and video call buttons will be merged (if the catalog is set). This means that you can choose the option of voice or video call at the click of a button.

#2. New catalog shortcut

WhatsApp will add a quick shortcut feature to their business chat. Once the catalog is set the new call button will also appear here. Apart from this, there will be other information in this catalog.

#3. WhatsApp doodle

WhatsApp Doodle lets you add a signature doodle to chat. However, such a feature was also seen on the WhatsApp web a few days ago.

#4. Add Whatsapp Friends With QR Codes

If you want to add your any number to your WhatsApp friend list then you can now do it by using the new Qr code feature, also, using this feature you can share your Qr code on your any social media and when your social media friends scan the code then they easily are your WhatsApp friend.

Add WhatsApp Contacts Using QR Code

#5. Dark Mode Now On Whatsapp Web

Yeah! this is another feature for WhatsApp web users, and now WhatsApp web users can enable dark mode on their default theme, and now this feature available for globally and if you want to change your WhatsApp web theme into dark theme then you will get two themes one is dark and another is light, so use the feature.

#6. Multi-Device Support

Now WhatsApp will give you the facility to use a single WhatsApp account on different devices, and I think this is one of the best features for us.

#7. Latest Wallpapers

Recently WhatsApp updated their wallpaper and now you can get more awesome wallpapers for your WhatsApp, and now it will work on WhatsApp beta for Android

#8. Mute Your Chat Forever

Basically in the old WhatsApp feature, we can do only “8 hours and 1 week” mute of any chat, but at the latest feature of WhatsApp now we can mute a chat forever ???? and this is the prof.

WhatsApp Inc

Delete Shein Account Permanently

#9. WhatsApp Payment

Whatsapp launched their payment facility called WhatsApp Pay feature and now almost everyone getting the feature, so if you di not getting the whatsapp pay feature then just update your whatsapp app and then check again, if again not showing then check if your any other friend getting the feature if he or she getting the feature then you need to setup your payment account.

How To Set Payment option in WhatsApp?

  1. Go to WhatsApp.
  2. Find the three-dot option and click the “Payment” feature.
  3. Now add your bank account.
  4. That’s set now you just verify this via your SMS and that’s set.

For more information related to Whatsapp pay visit this link:

Bottom Line

So those are some updates of WhatsApp that are updated on the latest, so if you want to know these types of news and updates related to WhatsApp or any other apps then just stay with our website, and that’s why we will give updates related to this topic.

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