How To Unblock Someone on Meetme Easy Way?

Meetme is an application for those peoples who want to interact with other peoples with the application and want to create their pure relationship and so on.

Basically in this app, you can add your interest, and that’s why you will find so many peoples with your interest base, so go and check meetme app now on the google play store.

But now if you block on Meetme then how to unblock someone on meetme without any problem? if you don’t know then read this guide and I will show you how you can unblock any ones meetme account with some simple steps?

Steps To Unblock Someone on Meetme

  • Open MeetMe app.
  • Now Go to your “profile”.
  • Then select the “Settings”.
  • Open Privacy and Content.
  • Now Tap the “What users have I blocked” option.
  • Tap their profile.
  • “Confirm” it.
  • DONE! now you successfully unblocked the account on meetme, so now you can do message to him anytime anywhere.

Wrapping up

If you understand about how to unblock someone’s account on meetme then please do share my article with your meetme friends who like to use meetme app so much, that’s why they will understand about this topic, or if you also, want to delete or remove your fastmeet account then read this post now: