What is WhatsApp Business Account? Beginners Guide

What is WhatsApp Business? and How To Create?

We learned in the previous article what is WhatsApp? if you missed our recent article then please first read this article if you don’t know about the WhatsApp app.

And now in this particular article, I will show you an amazing fact about the WhatsApp app, did you know the WhatsApp app a different app called WhatsApp business? yes!

I say o here about an app, now I think you already know what is WhatsApp business, basically, this is an application related to WhatsApp and this is free to download and this is available on Android and iPhone, also, basically this app was built with the small business owner in mind.

I think now you know what is WhatsApp business? and now I will give you some basic instructions about WhatsApp features like WhatsApp stats, if you want to know about some WhatsApp facts then read the complete article.

WhatsApp application is by far the most famous platform for messaging app in Bangladesh or India. and if you see on Wikipedia WhatsApp has 02 billion monthly active users this year.

Now you know why whatsapp introduced the whatsapp business app?

There main motive for making the WhatsApp business is communicating with your customers if you have a big or small business whatever if you have this type of any then definitely you have so many benefits from using this application.

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Also, if you have any small business then you can also use the WhatsApp for your company you don’t need to use the Whatsapp business app, but you can use this for your any company, this is your choice, you don’t have any problem for using this application.

Features of Using Whatsapp Business App! Creating a Business Profile Benefits!

We know that Whatsapp business is so many helpful for those peoples who own there own small or big companies on their life, but you know recently WhatsApp introduced some other features on their application, and those features are so many helpful for businessmen.

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  • Suppose you have a company! in this feature now you can add your company’s address, email and your company website address on your profile and this are more helpful for us, because if we add those types of information’s on our profile then definitely the customer will trust us more.
  • Also, you can see your statics like your sent, delivered, and read messages, if you don’t know if your message sent, delivered, and read or not then what? so that’s why WhatsApp introduced there sent, delivered, and read the feature on their application.
  • You know that quick response is so many helpful for your business, if your business employ is not getting a quicker response to your customers then this is relay very bed impact for your company, that’s why WhatsApp business app has introduced there quickly respond feature, now you can give quicker respond of your any customers.

How to create a business profile? [Beginners Guide To Create a Whatsapp Business Account]

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  • To get started your first business account, simply download the WhatsApp Business official app from the Google Play Store,

I don’t recommend you to download the WhatsApp business or WhatsApp app from any third party websites, you just use the google play store to download any applications or games 🙂

Understand…if you download any third party applications from third party website then we do not take your any risks.
  • Simply you just Sign up using your active business mobile phone number. the business number means the number by which you want to communicate with your customers.
  • After doing all the things you just create your profile by entering your own business details by using some settings called: Settings > Business Settings > Profile. if you’re a guanine businessman then make sure you accurately enter your details like your business name, address, contact details, etc.

So now I think you all understand how to create a WhatsApp business account from your android phone now I will show you how to create a WhatsApp business account using your desktop?

How To Create Business Account on Desktop and Web Step By Step

Do you know how to create a normal WhatsApp account? if yes! then just create a normal account on your desktop web, because the business account procedure is almost the same.

If you don’t know how to scan and set up the WhatsApp web on your phone then I will give you the complete setup process for the desktop. First, you need to go to Settings Then go to the WhatsApp Web option and then scan the given QR code [simple].


I think now its time to leave 🙂 because I already discussed with you all about the whatsapp business application for android, I know not all but almost every impotent parts I covered in this article. please share this article on your friends by using your social media.

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