What is Telegram App? Is Telegram is an Indian App?

Recently we covered about so many online messaging apps called Whatsapp, Whatsapp Business, Hike, and many others, and now at this time I will introduce an application called Telegram, and here I will tell you what a Telegram app is and if this telegram application is an Indian app?

Are you looking for those topics on the internet I know yes! because that’s you’re on this article, basically in this particular article I will tell you everything about the telegram app, and also I will tell you is this application best for your daily chatting life, so let’s start this,

Note: Before I started this article I warning you one thing please read this article carefully that’s why you will understand better about this article,

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What is the Telegram App?

Simply Telegram is an android app and it is a messaging application like WhatsApp, if you’re looking for the best message, chatting application for your android then I will suggest you use the Telegram and Whatsapp on your android, this application is too much user-friendly and smooth application and recently this application getting so many updates on their application because they want to make their app more useful and user friendly.

Are Telegram and WhatsApp Same? Everything About Telegram!

Whatsapp application has 2 billion users worldwide and the telegram app has 400 million monthly active users on their app, so in this difference, we see Whatsapp is best according to users, but there are so many things we need to know if we want to know is telegram and Whatsapp are the same?

If we think about the security of WhatsApp, I would say the security of Whatsapp is very bad. Many times we hear that WhatsApp’s data has become a bridge. basically their encryption feature is bed that’s why Whatsapp is not safe for the user,

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And if we say about this application then I will say that this app also a messaging platform and they also provide so many things better than Whatsapp, you can instant message to anyone by using this app, also you can make your own channel and also you can share anything on the telegram app,

If you make a channel on this application then you can add an unlimited number of subscribers, also telegram provides you very good quality security rather than Whatsapp, if we talk about this app file-sharing feature then I will tell you this app file sharing feature: you can send any types of files like photos, videos, animation, documents, and also you can send 1.5GB file size to anyone by using the telegram app,

Did you know that? telegram app officially launched its bots feature, yes! you know Whatsapp has the features of a bot on their application, and now telegram also launched this feature, June 2015 officially they launched there bots feature, you can easily respond automatically by using this telegram bots feature,

Are Telegram Channels Safe?

Yes! telegram channels are safe for any users, if your account safe then, here is the thing, you know WhatsApp give you the feature to create your group and this is almost same to telegram channel, and that’s why if WhatsApp groups safe to use then definitely telegram channels also safe for users.

Is Telegram an Indian Application?

Basically, if you search on google about this topic then you will find the right answer but also here I will tell you the truth about the telegram app, basically, this application is a Russian application that is made in Russian two brothers called Nikolai & Pavel Durov.

Are Telegram Calls Free?

Telegram is a free message and calling application for android and PC users and now this app also launched for almost all OS, and if we talk about telegram free call then I will tell you telegram call is free and not just free because you need to use your data.


Is it possible to make money from Telegram?

Basically there is no official way to make money from the telegram app, but if you have so many channel members on your telegram then you can easily sell your channel-related products, and that’s the way to make money from telegram application.

Telegram who owns?

If you searching for who telegram owns and who is the owner of the telegram app? then you know who is Pavel Durov? if you don’t know then check who is he? basically he is the founder of the Telegram messaging application.

Why telegram is better than whatsapp?

Do you know why telegram is better than WhatsApp? if you don’t know then here are some things that telegram app has but Whatsapp not has, the telegram has there media compression feature but WhatsApp not has this, Telegram has Multi-platform support system but WhatsApp not has this, also, telegram application has there amazing file sharing feature and using this feature you can send up to 1.5GB file, and there are so many things that telegram has but not on WhatsApp.


If you want to use communication messaging apps like Whatsapp, Hike, and Telegram then I will prefer you to use this application because if you want to make a community in those types of apps then definitely try the this application,

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You can also make a secret chat group on the telegram app also you will find so many stickers, so that’s all in this article if you want to learn more about Whatsapp, telegram, and hike then please comment below and tell me about your topic.

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