Telegram Update: Add Bio Text On Your Telegram Profile

Recently telegram officially announced on Twitter about their new feature “Bio”, and it means now you can add your own bio on your telegram profile easily.

Telegram told their users: now you can add bio text on your profile to say a little bit about yourself or include an iconic quote, and this is the official statement of telegram official.

Statement of telegram

Steps To Add Bio Text On Your Telegram Profile

Now if you’re looking for how to add bio text on my telegram profile? then don’t worry just read my all steps below, to add your own bio to your profile section.

So to add bio text on a profile you need to do update your telegram app Version 4.2 then you can get the update, so just go to play store and do update immediately.

After the update now go to the “settings” option on your telegram app, and then here you will see your bio section, so just click on it and add your short bio to your telegram profile.

Bottom Line

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So this is for today’s guys, hope you like this, and you need to remember that, if you want to get the update then definitely you need to update your old telegram app to the new version and the version was 4.2, and if you like to see those types of articles then stay with our latest updates category.