Telegram Update: Organize your chat list with custom Folders

Hope you’re all well! are you want to know about telegram latest update and according to this update now you can arrange your chat list with custom Folders.

Today in this article i will give you a small update related to telegram messenger, and I tell you which feature telegram bring for us, and how we can use this?

So recently i got a tweet from telegram official where they announced their update and they told “You can organize your chat list with custom Folders. Include and exclude individual chats and categories for complete control. #TelegramTips

Telegram Messenger Update: Now you can Organize your chat list with custom Folders: Announcement

Then a user replayed and he said:

question from a user

Then in replay official telegram told:

answer of the question

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So this is for today, and i hope you understand what is the update? and how you can use this on your telegram account, also, if you see all the replay then one thing you notice that telegram continuously getting more and more features for users, and this is good for us!