AVG Antivirus For Android: How To Use AVG Antivirus?

AVG Antivirus is the best and safe virus protector for your android devices, if you’re facing any types of viruses, malwares problem on your android or any tablet phone then definitely you should need to use this app for your device.

Basically now dayes android and tablet users are using the internet and playing games and they face so many viruses or malwareres on their phones, and that’s the main reason why you need to use the AVG Antivirus app on your android or tablet phone.

So here in this article, I will show you the complete pros and cons of this app, so if you’re facing virus problem on your phone then you should finding this types of application and don’t worry here I will give you the brief information about the AVG Antivirus app, so you just stay with this article.

Did you know that? you don’t need any antivirus app for your Android phone officially, then why I tell you to use the AVG app on your android phone, basically so many times you use third-party sites to download the application and that’s the main reason to use the application on your phone.

If you just use play store for downloading any app or games then you don’t need to use AVG antivirus app for your android but if you use any of third party website to download premium applications or games then you need to use these types of anti-viruses app to detect any malwares or viruses.

Is AVG Antivirus Free To Use For Android Devices?

Basically, for android devices, you can use this app freely but this app also has there premium features, and you will find two different features in both and this is common, the AVG free app has some features like App Lock, Photo Vault, Wi-Fi Security Scan, and App Permissions advisor and many more.

Minimum System Requirements To Use AVG Antivirus For Android

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Yes! you will get so many installation issues and troubleshoots if your device is not qualified with there version requirements, so your device must need 5.0 version and if you have a higher-level version of your device then this is good for you.

Also, if you have Lollipop, API 21 then this is good for you and you can install this app on your phone easily without facing any problems or troubleshooting, and you need to check is your android device has or not internet connection? because this app needs data.

Also, if you face some other issue with istalling AVG then contact AVG Suport center.

Aditional Information Of This App

You can find this application on google play store by searching for this name and also, by searching “AVG” and here i will give you details information about this app

Pros & Cons Of Using Free AVG Antivirus on Android

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If we talk about this app’s pros and cons then here I will tell you the complete application advantage and disadvantages of using, and I will give the complete information about this app and why you need to use this app?

If you’re looking to install and protect your android device from viruses then you should need to install the AVG antivirus app on your android but there is one thing is this app will protect your phone from viruses or malware and is this app work or not? so those types of answers you will find from it.

1. This app will Scan apps, games, settings, and so many files like images, videos, audios in real-time This app is so much confusing knowledge base.
2. Also, this app helps you to lock sensitive apps and games with any PIN that you gives on this app, also this app support pattern, or fingerprint. So much expensive there primium suport.
3. This app will easily extend your battery life with Power Save and it will work automatically. Incompleate there security and supoart.
4. If you have so many unnecessary apps, files on your device then this app will Clean automatically unnecessary files to free up your space.
5. Hanging is a big problem for gamers and internet browsers and this will helps you to boost speed by removing tasks that slow down your android device.
6. Also, you can easily enable locating your lost android device via Google Maps
7. You don’t need to use any other VPN app because this app also provides you to stay anonymous.
8. Also, if you’re looking to hide your any privet photos, videos then this app will help you to do that.
9. Also, you can scan any Wi-Fi networks for threats.
10. Also, you can check Cellular Network or Wi-Fi download and upload speed easily just looking at your notification bar.
11. You can get your insight into the permission level of installed apps or games on your android phone.
12. You can scan any website that will herm you.
13. You can make your phone sound a siren by using this application on your phone.
14. You can Lock your android phone automatically whenever the SIM card is replaced.
15. You can monitor which app you used so very much and also you can check how many times you used your data.
Pros and Cons of AVG Antivirus app

So we already saw about the AVG virus app features and now its time install this app on your android phone if you’re liked this app? so I will give you the process to install this app on your android phone with free, and you need to read this be carefully because this time to install this on our android.

How To Download AVG AntiVirus and How To Install This on Android With FREE:

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So now I will give you the complete step by step guide about how to download and install this app on our android by using the free method? basically this is not very competitive to do, if you know how to install and download the app from the play store then you can easily do this.

  1. So to download the AVG Antivirus app on your android you just open the Play Store.
  2. Then search for “AVG AntiVirus” and enter.
  3. And install the first one.

That’s set now this application is downloading and it will be automatically installed your android device easily, you don’t need anything manually, so you need to wait some times to complete the whole process that started.

  1. So when you open the application after installing complete from play store.
  2. Click on the “Get started” option to start this app the first time.
  3. Then you just choose the free and premium so in this case, we chose the free features, so just click on the “Basic Version” if you want to get a premium version then click the “Upgrade Now” option.

When you complete all the things then now your AVG AntiVirus is installed on your Android device, now you can find your all the needed settings and enable them one by one.

How To Upgrade to AVG AntiVirus PRO on Android Device?

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So many users know about the antivirus app they want to buy this app, so don’t worry I will give the complete guide about how to buy AVG Antivirus app for your android phone? so you just read the full article and follow my all the instruction below and try your self.

So if you’re using this app free version then you will open the app and see the top right corner an “UPGRADE” option will appear you just click it and easily buy this app, you just follow all the instructions that they will give you when you click on the “UPGRADE” option.

Thats set now your Virus protector is upgraded…


So, this time for leave, because i will gived you the complete step by step process about the AVG antivirus app and now you can use this app for your android phone or any android OS.

Also, if you have any problem regarding this topic then please do comment and tell about your query on the comment box below and I will give response very soon, and also if you found anything helpful then do share with your all social media friends.