Best Video Marketing Agencies in the World

Finding the best video marketing agency can be a massive problem if you don’t research beforehand. Just as digital marketing is expanding, video marketing is gaining much more importance in its digital world. Users have a greater desire to watch a video of good content than to read certain information in the form of a textual record.

Many organizations and companies are increasingly opting to hire agencies with complete control over digital marketing and all the elements needed to create notable media campaigns.

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To make it easier for you, we have developed this list to have insight into some of the best video marketing agencies.

1. Infographic World

Infographic World

Infographic World is a company that has the role of leading the entire process, from writing scripts, stories, switching voices, animation to the music included in the video. Clients further implement the completed videos into their social media marketing or email promotion strategies.

Moreover, videos made by the company’s expert team increase the conversion rate, ad performance, and clicks on the post with better SEO positioning. IGW is a distinctive way, combines the power of explanation through video and digital marketing tools, creating stunning results.

2. Upgrade Pictures

Upgrade Pictures

Upgrade Pictures is a company that offers video recording and editing services. You can get services related to video production, drone recording, the post-production process with a complete service, and creating TV commercials.

In addition, you can create documentaries, interviews, short films, casting, and plan video and sound design. This company differs from the others in that behind all the work. There is a very professional staff made up of excellent video editors who use state-of-the-art equipment.

3. Citizen Group

Citizen Group

The company that is designed to provide a complete advertising service is the Citizen Group. With the help of expert staff, you can create multi-purpose videos that will be highly appealing to your audience.

With the videos created in this way, you will make your marketing campaign image create a professional look that will reach each individual.

4. Colormatics


Colormatics, as a video production agency, offers a wide range of services. With the engagement of many strategic innovations, implementations, and developments, the team of experts is competent to face various brand challenges.

Whether you need a video for digital advertising, TV commercials, or the like, anything is possible with Colormatics. The company’s goal is to eventually create a great relationship with customers, ensuring mutual trust.


The bottom line is that people like and prefer watching videos of any content and format. When you accept this fact as soon as possible and realize how good the implementation of videos in your marketing campaigns can bring you, you will experience all the benefits.

The whole process requires a lot of time and courage to approach and begin. If you are not sure of your abilities, that is why there are agencies and people who are experts in this field and who will create everything you can imagine for you.