Install Google Cameos QNA App on Android

Google recently launched the Celebrity QNA app Cameos for android on google play store, and using this celebrity and famous peoples can do questions and answers with their followers.

Celebrities can ask any question to their followers and followers or fans can do the answers easily with the help of the Cameos QNA app, and according to December 11, 2019, the cameos app installed 10,000+ from the play store.

We used the cameos app on iPhone but now recently google launched this app for android users also, so if you go to google play store with your phone then you will get the app on there.

Why Google Launched Cameos QNA App?

If we see on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform there are lots of celebrities and their fans, and that’s why so many fans can’t get any replay, and this was a big reason, now i think cameos android app will help you to communicate with your favorite celebrities.

Download Cameos QNA App For Android, Tablet

So to download the cameos android app you need to follow my steps.

  • Go to your Google Play Store.
  • Then search for this app name.
  • Then find the app and “tap” on it.
  • Now click on the “Install” and then it will automatically be installed.
  • Now open it.

How To Use Cameos QNA App on Android Phone?

So if you want to use the app on your phone and if you’re a celebrity or any one who viral on the world then go to the “Play store” and search for “Cameos” and download the app from there and then install and open the application on your mobile.

Naga chaitanya on cameos app

Then you will see three different category cameos will show you on there app “Most asked by users”, “For the fans”, “Trending topics” so just select a category which you want to do a question and then just ask any question on any celebrities you want.

Bottom Line

So if your dream was meat any celebrities then just go and use the cameos app and meet your celebrity on video, and now its time to leave, and if you like my article and if you got anything helpful from this article then leave a comment below and stay with us to get latest articles related to this.

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