How To Fix Telegram “This Channel is No Longer Accessible”?

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Telegram is one of the best platform for business and so many purposes, and I’m using telegram for business purposes, and I’m getting lots of benefits from it.

Recently i found a message called “this channel is no longer accessible” when i joined a telegram channel and then i can’t do anything on this channel, and i started finding why the error message i found? what is the reason behind that?

Then i got this and i see this was my fault because i did not follow some rules when I joined this telegram channel so I got this error message.

Why We Got “this channel is no longer accessible” Error Message on Our Telegram Account?

Basically, as i told you if you didn’t follow the rule of any telegram channel then the admin of the channel will kick out to the channel and then you will get the error message, so to avoid this types of error you need to follow the rules of any telegram channel before joining.

How to Fix Telegram “This Channel is No Longer Accessible” Error?

So if you want to fix this then you need to follow some techniques then you can able to use the group or channel again so here this particular article, I’m going to show you how you can fix sorry this channel is not an accessible error on telegram?

Approach The Admin

Our first method is approaching the admin, basically, this is simple if you join any telegram group and if you do anything wrong on this group then this channel owner will “remove you” and then you will be on the removed user section, so in this situation, you need to personally message the group admin and then you will again get back on this channel.

Fake Identity

Rejoin Banned Telegram Channel Again

This is another practical method and i used this so many times, suppose, you blocked or removed from any telegram channel then you just go to your telegram app settings and then clear all data and then again create a telegram account with another number and then find the channel and rejoin it again and thas set, now you’re done.

Bottom Line

Is It Possible To Join Private Channel on Telegram Without Admin Permission?

So i think you all understand what I’m saying on this article, and i think you will follow all the rules of any telegram channel for avoiding this kind of message, so if you like to read the full article then please do share or leave a comment below, and also, you can read my old articles for getting more informations related to telegram application.