Latest GameCih Apk For Android Free (100% Working)

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Now in this article, i will show you an interesting application but before i start with my main topic lets talk some story, basically, i installed the Subway Surfers, and Temple run game on my android phone, because i want to play them, after playing for a few days, I thought about how to manipulate the coins of these games? and then i started thinking about it.

And i find it by google and i found awesome android games hacking application called “GameCih” and this will help me to hack any game, and now i have all the abilities of temple run and subway surfers game without any coins, and now i will show you in this article how you can get latest GameCih apk for android free and it will work 1000% sure.

But one thing that you need to do is you need to first root your android phone then you can use this application for game hacking, so don’t worry here im i will show you step by step about how to download the latest GameCih apk and how to use this?

GameCih Apk For Android

GameCih Apk is one of the best and amazing application for android and it will help you to hack or give you an opportunity to get unlimited coins, money, gold easily without any purchases and this is the main feature of this application.

GameCih is a developer tool which will help you to edit your apps shared preference easily with your android phone or also, you can SQLite database and data/data folder files easily with help of this application, basically the main thing is you can edit or manipulate your any game value easily with your hand and with your android.

But the main thing is that, if you don’t have any Rooted phone then you cant use this app, because without root if you open this app then you will get an error message called “This app only for Root users” so first you need to do root your android mobile.

Modify the values of your games using the GameCih apk

We need to do modify values or data of our games and this what we need, you seed on google so many application and games are on there and so many websites are claiming to give you modded games or apps, so how they mod those games? don’t worry using the GameCih app you can easily mod any games.

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But you can’t find the application on any trustable store like Google Play Store, you need to download this application on any third-party site, then you can able to use this app, or before downloading this application you need to follow some requirement and then you can use this app.

Requirements and additional information of GameCih Apk

  • First, Requires a rooted device.
  • Your minimus android operating system requirements Android 4.0 and up.
  • The installation of the gamecih app by means of the APK file requires the activation of the “Unknown sources” option within Settings>Applications.

How To Download Latest GameCih Apk?

So if you’re wondering to download the latest version of GameCih apk then don’t worry you’re on the right place, because i will give you the guide about how you can download the GameCih apk with the latest version? so just follow my simple steps below.

  • Go to
  • Then search for “GameCih apk” and click on go.
  • Then just open the first link ad then you just download it easily and this is the latest version of this app.

How To Use GameCih Apk?

Basically using the GameCih is very easy, once you root your phone you just install this app and then open it. and then just minimize this app and then open your any game that you want to hack and then find the value of your coin “Example: 100 coins you have” so just open the GameCih icon and type the value and then start the scan, and then you see a result where you will find the value of your coins.

If you don’t find you value of your coins then just play the game one time and increase your value and then see the which value increased and then just edit them and put your value on there and that’s set now you see your coins are increased, also, if you don’t know how to that practically then watch the youtube video.


Is it possible to hack Subway Surf game by using the GameCih app?

Yes! this is easy to do with this app, and you can easily do it by using the same method.

Is it possible to hack Tample Run game by using the GameCih app?

Yeh! this is also, possible to do, you just open the game and just edit the value by clicking on the GameCih app icon and then put your value and save, and that’s set.

Is it possible to hack Super Mario Run game by using the GameCih app?

Yes! also, you can do it by the same way.

Would I be abke to hack online games like COC or Teenpatti gold with GameCIH?

Basically, those are online games, and online games are based on servers and that’s why you can’t cheat them ad you can’t hack them, so forget about it, and this app is not able to hack COC or Teenpatti gold game.

Do I use the same instructions for a PC or laptop?

Yes! you can use this GameCih on Pc but you need to use any emulator software on your pc like Bluestacks and Nox Player and etc, then you can use this on Pc.


This GameCih is not available on Google Play Store which means you need to use third-party sites for get the app, and then you need to Use the GameCIH application at your own risk, and also, the GameCih app work on RPGs or MMOs games so before downloading this check your game.


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