How to Create a Private Only Me Channel in Telegram?

So creating a channel in telegram messanger is so easy but:

Creating an only me channel is totally not easy, and it was totally different to do why? because official telegram doesn’t allow to make telegram channel without any other person or channel members.

So in this article, i will show you a method to create a private only me channel in telegram without any problem, and this channel is compleately easy to make with your phone or PC, so let’s see the method.

Kicking out the other members and being the only me in your telegram channel

I think so many telegram users are already getting the pint of what I’m wanting to talk with you about? bassically a telegram channel was made by some members but if we make a telegram channel with some demo members and then if we kik them out one by one without me then it was possible to make your channel only me and just you can see or send any messages.

Private Telegram Group

Telegram has their private group feature, so using their private group feature you can create a channel privately and here you can be lonely and that’s the second way to create a private channel in telegram messenger without policy violations.

Read Telegram Policys Carefully

Bottom Line

So if you understand what I’m going to teach you? then just feel free and leave a comment below and tell me about is you made your only me channel in telegram or not? if you don’t know how to do that then also, you can ask me in the comment section, Thank You.

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