How To Delete Depop Account Permanently With Email?

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Are you looking for delete depop account? from your desktop or mobile then read this.

So if you’re using depop account for discovering unique items for you or if you now want to delete account from depop, so don’t worry just wait and see my steps for removing your account.

Basically, there are so many reasons you have to remove your account from it, so just comment below why you want to remove the account from depop and tell me the reason for it.

Can You Delete Your Depop Account?

Delete Depop Account
Can You Remove Your Depop Account?

So, if you don’t know about this then I will give you a hint of this, basically removing depop account is easy and they have only two way to do this and those was, doing email to them and also, you can do it by using their website because their website has the feature to cancel any depop account.

How Long Does it Take to Delete Depop Account?

So, this is a simple and related question for this article, because it is important to know about how long it takes to delete a depop account? and here is the answer: so basically the depop team removes your information after 72 hours when you send them e-mail or request to remove your account.

Steps To Delete Depop Account?

So, in this case, you do not have any proper ways to delete your account, but they have two way to remove your depop account and it was the emailing them, so if you really want to remove your account then you can do an email with them and they will remove your information from there database.

To do email on Depop official you need to do email with this email address (, so just open your email account and then compose an email for them and describe your issue and tell them to remove your account, and that’s set, within 72hours your account will remove from there database.

Bottom Line

So that’s set for today guys and hope you already know how to remove a depop account from your mobile or any desktop? so if you have any problem regarding this then comment below.

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