How To Delete Telegram Account on iPhone Permanently?

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So why you want to delete telegram account on iPhone? please do comment and tell me some reason about why you want to remove the telegram account from your iPhone?

Because I’m curious to know about this, and if the problem is fixable then i will give you the guide, and then you don’t need to remove this from your phone, that’s why please let me know the reason to do this.

Basically, I’m using the telegram messenger so many days and I’m not getting any major problems with using this telegram application because I know how to troubleshoot problems.

Do This Before Deleting Telegram: because if you want to recover your all old data of your telegram then you can do it by using some easy steps because so many times you need to store your important data and chat history from telegram before deleting, so to that just follow my steps below.

  • First open this link from your iPhone:
  • Now go to the settings option, and click on the “Export Telegram Data”.
  • Also, when you finished your data exporting now click on the “Export Chat History” and then choose the types of your data saving.

So, let’s go with the main topic, in this article I will show you the step by step guide about how you can remove your telegram account from your iPhone permanently easily? so to do that just follow my steps below.

Steps To Delete Telegram Account on iPhone Permanently

Telegram has there two way to delete an account, and those were Automatically or Manually, so in this article, I will give you step by step process of all methods, so let’s start with the Automatic method.

Delete Telegram Account With Self-Destruct Settings (Automatic) For iPhone

  • Go to your Telegram messenger application and then click on the “Settings” (Settings option will appear like a gear icon)
  • Now when you click on settings now it’s time to click on the “Privacy and Security” this will find you like a lock button.
  • Now it’s time to scroll down with your finger to the “Automatically Delete My Account” and adjust the “If Away For” from five or any other months that you want to set.
  • So that’s set now you completed the setup of Self-Destruct Settings of the Telegram, and know when your time has come, then your telegram account will automatically remove from their database.

So this is the automatic method of delete or remove a telegram account from iPhone, so now it’s time to show you the process of Manual, and in this method, you can remove your account permanently without any time set or anything from your iPhone.

Steps To Remove Telegram Account From iPhone Manually

So now just follow my steps to remove telegram account manually with some steps, basically, this is an online base work, so definitely you need to click on a link to use this method.

  • So first you need to go to this link:
  • Then Now enter your telegram account number on the box.
  • Now you need to minimize the tab and then go to the telegram account again and find a chat message from your telegram app and get the authentication message and put it on this box.
  • So when you enter the code you will see a page and it will show you give a reason behind why you want to remove the telegram account from your phone or desktop? so if you want then describe your reason or if you do not want to describe then don’t just click on the “Delete Account” button.
  • Now you will get a pop-up message on your browser, so just click on the “Yes, delete my account” and if you want to do not delete your account then click on “No”.
  • Congratulation: now you successfully removed the telegram account from your iPhone.

Bottom Line

So this is some easy process of removing or deleting a Telegram account from any iPhone also if you’re a desktop user then you can also, do it by using the same methods.

Now it’s time to leave, before leaving the article one thing, if you like and found anything helpful from this article then do comment below, and also, if you found any wrong information then also, mention it in the same comment box, Thank You!