Does Nova Launcher Make Your Android Phone Faster?

Are you looking for a suggestion about is nova launcher make your android phone faster or not? then just read the small article, small means i will give you the answer very short.

So basically Noval launcher is the best android launcher for all launcher lovers, also, I’m using this launcher for over 4 years, and continuously I’m using it without any problem.

So why Nova launcher slow down our phone?

Basically, the Nova launcher doesn’t slow down our phone, because our phone is doesn’t comfortable according to the nova launcher’s compatibility, that’s why nova will slow down our mobile day by day.

This is the main reason why Nova android launcher will slow down our android or tablet mobile, also, if you have lower level Ram or Rom then definitely nova launcher also affect your speed performance.

Did you know that? Nova launcher will take your battery performance day by day and you should need to care about that, but the Nova launcher also, has amazing features, customizations, and so on.

Quick tips

Now the Question is Does Nova Launcher Make Our Android Phone Faster?

No, any launcher or Nova doesn’t fast your android mobile or tablet phone, because they are sitting across the phone space and that’s the main reason why the nova launcher doesn’t make your android mobile faster anytime.

At the End of the Question

So if you’re using Nova or if you’re downloading and using more and more features of the Nova launcher then definitely your phone will be slow, because it will take your Ram, Rom space.

In the end, i just want to tell you one thing that, if you like to see those types of questions and answers then please ask me any questions related to android apps, games, Thank you.

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