How to Stop Showing Likee Videos on IMO App?

Stop Showing Likee Videos on IMO

Likee videos on IMO are very irritating to many people I mean many people don’t like to watch Likee videos on IMO. Again, many people like to watch Likee videos on IMO. But if you’re a Muslim, then, of course, you will not like this. Because a lot of times a lot of bad content … Read more

How to Change Your Facebook Page Name? Step By Step

Change Your Facebook Page Name

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How to Install Prisma Photo Editing App in Android? and How To Use It?

Prisma Photo Editing App

Prisma Photo Editing app is just for iPhone users but recently this app launched for Android users, and this app is really amazing for photo editors and social media users, those peoples who are using Facebook, basically this app is really good for those people. When this app is launched for iPhone users then it … Read more

How To Find Who Connected To Your Hotspot on Android?

Find Who Connected To Your Hotspot on Android

Basically in those days online games are everywhere and every people are like to play those online games, and there are so many android games available on the internet world but some games are online, You need to keep turn on your Wi-fi or mobile data that’s why many people start using your WiFi without … Read more

How To Find Best Games For Your Android? [03 Simple Methods]

Find Best Games For Your Android

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How To Fix the “Google Play Store Has Stopped”? Step by Step

Google Play Store Has Stopped

Google play store is one of the best places to get games, applications and we use this almost every time because we need this but when we face any error on google play store like “Google Play Store has stopped” error, then we feel bad because we don’t know how to fix this? But don’t … Read more

How To Fix “Unfortunately The Process Android.process.acore Has Stopped”?

Unfortunately the process android.process.acore has stopped

You know I see this is one of the major problems for android phones when you install any applications or games on your android phone then you will see a message called “Unfortunately the process android.process.acore has stopped” and then this application or game will automatically stoped with a black screen. Actually we need to … Read more