How To Delete Letgo Account Permanently? Step By Step

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So are you want to delete letgo account permanently from your phone? but don’t know how to do this? and that’s why you’re searching and visiting websites to get the answer.

Don’t worry you’re on the right path, and in this article, I will show you if you’re using letgo application then how to remove account from letgo app? and also if you’re using their website then how to remove your account from there website? so to learn this just follow my step by step process.

Steps To Delete Letgo Account Permanently

So if you’re using any android application and using the letgo account then follow my steps also, if you’re using PC and using the account then you can also, see all steps below.

  1. First, Go to this link: then Log-In to your account.
  2. After Log-in now just click on the “Profile” icon from your account home page.
  3. Now find the “Settings” icon from your “Profile”, and click on it.
  4. Now you will see there are two options available “Your data” and “Your data”, so just click on the “Your Data” option.
  5. Here you will see an option called “Delete My Account” so to delete the letgo account you need to click on it.
  6. Then again you need to choose the “Delete Account”.
  7. Now they give you notice: are you really want to delete your all account information? so just click “Yes, delete my account” then it will show you, your account now active for deletion.

You need to wait 48 hours to delete your letgo account permanently from your android or pc, and you need to wait 30 days to remove all information from letgo database.

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Steps To Delete Letgo Account Via E-mail

Almost every shopping and any other platform support this system where just you need to find the support e-mail address to knock the support system for your any information and using this system you can remove your letgo account.

Just you need to compose an email for letgo support team and then you need to describe all your problems and now you want to delete your account and then you need to send it to this email: and you need to write a best “Subject” for the delegation email, and where you need to write this “delete my letgo account permanently” and that’s set now you just send it to the email.

Wait, for the response, when you will see another email got from the same email and then you will see they told your account will successfully be removed from letgo database, then you need to check by log-in your account at the same time, and see now your account password and email not working, it means now your account was successfully removed from letgo.

Bottom Line

If you’re facing those types of problems, and you don’t know how to remove account from those types of websites or applications then simply just read my old articles.

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