How To Install ZPhisher on Termux? (Phishing Tool)

Want to install ZPhisher on termux with some simple steps?

Then just read my full article carefully and follow my gives steps below, to successfully set up the Zphisher script on termux, before start our main topic let’s introduce you to the ZPhisher.

This is the best phishing tool for termux users, and you will get 37 Phishing scripts including some famous and important social sites like Facebook, Twitter and also you will get Paypal. When speaking about social media – if you’re into Reddit you can learn more at

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Steps To Install ZPhisher on Termux Without Error

First, open your termux and active your internet connection and then start using the below commands on your terminal, and try to use the Zphisher script on termux.

apt update
apt upgrade
apt install git php openssh curl -y
git clone
cd zphisher
chmod +x

After using all commands, that’s set now you completely installed ZPhisher on your termux now it’s time to use the tool properly.

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Simply Zphisher Termux Commands To Install

If you like to do simple commands to set up any termux packages then definitely you should try those commands for install zphisher, so get those command.

apt update

apt install git curl php openssh -y

git clone git://

cd zphisher

Now after successfully completed your installation process now if you want to run your zphisher tool, just command “bash” and that’s set.

Bottom Line

In this ZPhisher tool, you will get awesome log-in pages, an Attractive Instagram auto follower page, and all bugs fixed for beginners and advance also,

So if you found anything helpful from this article then leave a comment below, and also, if you found anything wrong then also, ask me in the same comment section. Thank You!