How To Fix Termux Storage Permission Denied Error?

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So are you facing termux storage permission denied error when you’re using your terminal or installing any packages on your termux app?

Are you!

Then here is the solution of permission denied error of termux, so just read the whole step by step process one by one.

Fix Unable To Locate Package in Termux

Steps To Fix Termux Storage Permission Denied Error or Cannot Open Directory


Now you see an “Allow” or “Deny” button will appear on you, so you just click on the “allow” button to fix this error, and then type the command.

cd /sdcard

Now if you see all the storage folders are on there then you successfully solved the error, now if you want to install any packages on your termux terminal then you will not get any error messages like termux storage permission denied or cannot open directory.

Basically, this is a storage error, so if you didn’t specify your primary storage to install any packages then you will get the error, so now I think you understand how to fix termux storage permission denied error with some easy steps.


This is a video for more explanation of this article:
How to setup storage in termux

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