Is It Possible To Join Private Channel on Telegram Without Admin Permission?

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Nowadays we see Telegram is spreading so much and everyone using the Telegram application for communication and business purposes, and also, I’m using telegram for my business purposes.

We know that Whatsapp is better then everything but telegram is more powerful then WhatsApp because telegram has so many features and those features were amazing and useful.

But We know WhatsApp is more popular but if you use telegram you will benefit a lot, and if you use two apps on the same phone will not be a problem, so start using telegram now!

Now the main issue was that i found a question related to telegram and where i see a telegram user asking question related to telegram and he said this on Quora.

Is It Possible To Join Private Channel on Telegram Without Admin Permission?

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This means he wants to join any group or channel without admin permission is it possible? don’t worry here I’m going to tell you the truth of this question and i will say you is it possible or not?

How You Can Join Private Channel On Telegram Without Admin Permission?

Basically first know this: telegram has there own policy and you can join any channel by using two way 1. by using admin invitation and 2. by getting the link of this channel.

So if you found any channel link on anywhere or if you join on the channel then also, the group admin can see you on the list of her channel, and then you can also, got busted by the channel admin.

You can join this group by using one way and this is if you got any invite from any member of this channel then you can join this channel by using your fake identity and then admin will not notify that you’re the man, so this is the only way to join any telegram channel without informing the admin.


Every application has there own policy and if you violet them then you will get banned from this platform so try to understand their policy and then start using any application.

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