Netboom Apk – Play PC Games on Android Mobile

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So recently i found an android application on google play store which has almost 20000 active installed users and also, this is continuously growing day by day and that’s why i decided to introduce with you to this app in my article.

Basically, if you want to play Pc game on your android phone then Netboom Apk will help you to play any PC games on your android devices easily, so if you want then read the full article.

So let’s get started our article about the application called “Netboom” and here in this article i will give you a complete step by step process about how to install Netboom and how to use this and all about the application features, so stay with us to get all pieces of information from one place.

What is Netboom For Android or Tablet?

So, Netboom is an Android application that has been designed for turns mobile into a high-end gaming PC, with full access to infinite cool games.

So basically this application will help you to play any Pc games on this application and it looks like you’re playing games on a high-end pc, also, you will get all the features on this application.

Features of Netboom Application

So, definitely, we need to know what are the features of using the netboom app on our android? because were installing the app our android then definitely we should need to know all about the application.

Don’t worry here I’m giving you all the points of this app one by one just keep eye on my article, and basically, if you want to get more information about the app then you an get it from the play store.

️⌨️Play With Your Finger

So, the main things that we need so much are gaming control, and this application made our gaming life easier by adding the mouse & keyboard & controller, now you can add them easily and play your game faster easy.

High Graphic Performance

In the android phone we need high performance so much and that’s why we uninstall so many unusual apps and games from our phone, but also, we can’t get any graphic performance on our phone during playing games, but this netboom will give you up to 4k, 60fps and this will awesome.

Get Access To All Latest PC Games

This is one of the best features of this app, and it was the access of all the games that released on recently, it’s mean now you didn’t need to wait for released the PC game to android, you can play any PC game on your android phone.

????All Internet Connection

When you playing any PC online game on your android then the major problem was that then internet support, and did you know? the netboom android application will help you to play with Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or even the fastest 4G connections, so now you can not need to worry about internet connection while you’re playing and using games from netboom.

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NetBoom Android App Price

So the main question is the price of netboom, basically, so many users didn’t know this is a Free application for all the android and tablet users, but the pricing starts when you open the app and where you will starts from $1 per hour plus further discount and bonus.

NetBoom PC Download Windows or Mac

netboom apk
NetBoom PC Download Windows or Mac

Basically now at this time Netboom officially doesn’t support the Windows or Mac OS, but don’t worry in some dayes I’m 100% sure it will be released for the Windows or Mac officially.

NetBoom Requirements Windows or Mac

  • Graphics—NVIDIA, up to 60Hz in 4K UHD
  • Memory—DDR4, up to 16GB of RAM
  • Operating System—Windows 10, 64 bits

How To Download and Install Netboom Apk on Android?

So, now we know all the things about the netboom, and now its time to install netboom apk on our android, but how? so don’t worry here im, and i will give step by step process of how to install and use netboom on android officially.

  • So to install netboom, go to google from your android.
  • Then type “netboom” and hit “search”.
  • Now open the netboom official website and find the “download” category from above of the website.
  • Then now you just find the android icon and click on it, and it will redirect you to google play store.
  • So now you can easily download and install this on your android mobile.

How to Start Netboom on Android?

So after downloading and installing the netboom now its time to launch and open the app on android, so to that, you need to something then you can properly use this app on android.

When you open the app you will need to add your account, when you create or add your account on netboom then you will see lots of games on there and you just need to choose a game which you like to play, then you will need to click the game banner and then you will get a yellow “Play Now” button so you need click on it, to start your first game on netboom.

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Bottom Line

So at this time, i think now you know about what is netboom and how to install the app on our android or tablet phone, and also, i share with you when and what is the requirement to use netboom on Windows or Mac?

So now its time to leave the article, so before leaving the article one thing, if you found anything helpful from the article then please do share or leave a comment below, and if you like to see those types of apps reviews the stay with our best android apps category.