What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of PPC?

Digital Marketing refers to the advertising and marketing did online through digital channels like search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile applications. Thus, it is becoming highly adopted by the company to endorse their products, services, and brand over the online channels. In short, digital marketing is regarded as online marketing.

Various strategies make the digital marketing practice possible for the company like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMM (Social Media Marketing), PPC (Pay-Per-Click)Email MarketingContent MarketingFacebook campaigningGoogle Adwords, and more.


These digital marketing strategies have opened the doors for the companies to build their true brand identification within the market, increasing their product and service sales and ROI. A typical digital marketing strategy that consistently gets highlighted whenever the term ‘digital marketing’ comes into concern is PPC, i.e., Pay-Per-Click.

So, in this article, we are detailing the PPC strategy of digital marketing and its advantages and disadvantages.

What is PPC


PPC is an abbreviated term of Pay-Per-Click and is regarded as the internet model in which the advertisers and marketers pay fees structure once their company or business link gets clicked. In short, this can be defined as the strategy of purchasing the visits to the company’s website or webpage instead of earning them organically.

One of the most trending PPC techniques of digital marketing is search engine advertising that allows the advertisers to thoroughly bid upon the advertisement placement in the sponsored links by the search engine whenever someone searches for the keyword being associated with the business.

What Are Pay-Per-Click Types

PPC, i.e., Pay-Per-Click digital marketing strategy, forms a part of digital marketing, further divided into various parts. The types of PPC digital marketing strategies are as follows:

  1. Paid Search Marketing
  2. Display Advertising
  3. Social Media Advertising
  4. Retargeting PPC Advertising
  5. Price Comparison Website Advertising
  6. Affiliate Marketing

Advantages and Disadvantages of PPC Digital Marketing

Advantages of PPC Digital Marketing

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  1. Pay-per-click advertising is cost-effective as the company or the individual needs to pay only when the visitor or any user visits their website or webpage through the sponsored link. The amount to be spent over is entirely dependent upon the company’s decision on how much or less they are willing to pay. If you are a beginner, start with bing ads. By using the bing ads coupon, you can get many exciting offers on your purchase.
  2. The opportunity created by the pay-per-click digital marketing strategy has opened the ways for the company to target the audience as per their demographics like location, language, and many more. With bing ads, you will get more advanced features. By applying this bing ads $100 coupon, you can get $100 off.
  3. The campaigning is done through PPC, i.e., pay-per-click digital marketing strategy, which can be measured easily in terms of effectiveness. Thus, they may quickly determine their percentage of ROI, i.e., return on investment.
  4. In terms of customization, the pay-per-click strategy offers the best benefits as it allows the company to improvise its ad campaigns through minor adjustments. Thus, they may project their best work to the customers.
  5. Digital marketing no doubt provides the result in a faster mode than any other mode of marketing. Also, pay-per-click is undoubtedly the most effective and is most rapid mode as the results attained through this strategy are immediate.
  6. PPC strategy is highly effective in boosting the traffic to the company website. This boost in traffic indeed increases the number of sales of the company in terms of revenue.
  7. Through PPC digital marketing, the website link arrives at the first page of the search results, and thus, the customers and new visitors could quickly notice the changes that occurred over the website or webpage.
  8. PPC strategy of digital marketing helps the company control the cost as they need to pay only for the number of clicks.
  9. The PPC or Pay-Per-Click strategy of digital marketing undoubtedly opens the gates for the company to analyze the performance of the ad campaigns executing upon the website in real-time.
  10. Pay-Per-Click tends to increase the recognition associated with the brand along with remarketing abilities.

Disadvantages of PPC Digital Marketing

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  1. Although PPC, i.e., Pay-Per-Click, helps in good campaigning regarding the products and services of the company, the advertisers’ team needs to give their more time in optimizing and improving their posted ad campaigns for attaining better or the best results.
  2. The practice required for performing this PPC, i.e., the Pay-Per-Click strategy of digital marketing, needs to be very skilled. Thus, the company prefers to employ advertisers who have effective and efficient skills in such digital marketing strategies.
  3. The company needs to check the ad campaign executing on various platforms based on PPC digital marketing strategy as they lack monitoring. Indeed the ad may create a backfire for them.
  4. Although the ad campaign running through the PPC digital marketing strategy is highly appealing and can create great exposure and conversion, the company needs to keep an eye on the cost.
  5. The name signifies that PPC is based on the number of clicks by visitors visiting the website, but this number of clicks is not concerned with the number of conversions.


The companies adopting the PPC strategy of digital marketing need to have a team of skilled advertisers having a deep knowledge about the types of PPC digital marketing strategies.

The reason is that the ad campaigns executing based on PPC require time for optimization. Undoubtedly, advertisers’ effective and efficient skills will help the company build brand identification within the market.

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