How To Remove Background From Image Step by Step?

Many of us want to make our pictures more beautiful and interesting but for this, we have to remove the background, then we have to add a custom background and edit our image. I know there are many apps for removing background but none of the apps work well.

Today In this article I will share with you a site that will help you to remove background from image simply, you just need to upload your photo to the site and the background will be removed with just one click without any hassle. In order to help you with the process, using the pictures API can make image modification much easier for bloggers.
An Images API is a programming interface that allows developers to interact with images, image data, image manipulation, and other image-related services. This image upload API is the most user-friendly tool on the market right now.

I will show two methods in this article and in method number two I am using PicsArt to edit. This is a very good famous android app. everyone who likes photo editing needs to use this application, so that’s why I will use this,

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Step by Step Process To Remove Background From Image (Using Website)

  • To remove the background of the image, go to your browser, type in the address bar and click Enter.
  • Then upload the image by clicking on Select Photo from here.
  • This way the background will be removed as soon as the image is uploaded.
  • Now click on the download icon to download the image.
  • Now you can add your custom background to your image if you want.

So I think you all understand how to change or remove background from your photo if this method doesn’t work then here im, basically, I have another method to remove the background from image easy way, so if you want to know about another method then read this article completely,

If you’re a blogger or a YouTube then definitely you need to make a banner for your YouTube or Blog Post, I’m not saying for just blogger or YouTube, if you just want to remove your image background them also you can do it by using this simple method,

Today I will teach you a great trick that will allow you to remove the background of your photo in just five seconds without any app. If friends go to the play store and search for background removal, thousands of apps will come up, but with those apps, you will not be able to remove the background as you like.

Another Method For Remove Background From Image Android PicsArt App

In this method, I will show you how to remove background from an image using the Picsart photo editor, yes! PicsArt is one of the best famous photo editors for android users, and this step by step process I will show you about picsart,

  • Open your Picsart app,
  • Then click on edit,
  • Then choose your any background that you want,
  • If you want to give a blur effect on this image then give this by clicking on the effect,
  • After giving blur effect now click on the “Add photo” option and add a photo,
  • Set your photo on your background pix,
  • Then click on the “Cut Out” Option,
  • Here is the main thing, now separate the image from the background by dragging it with your finger, (notice the red mark)
  • After doing that then click on ok, and again click on ok.
  • Here you see your photo now ready, you see your background was removed,


I think now you’re all know how to remove background from image, here in this article I will show you two easy method to remove background from image I think you all do that simply, if you don’t know how to do that then please leave a comment and tell me your problem regarding this topic, I will fix your problems very soon! thank you!