Threema Delete Message from Everyone [Easy Steps to Do it]

Threema is a secured private messenger application for android users and it is so much popular in the USA – the UK and other countries like Whatsapp.

Threena messaging application also, available for Desktop users, means now desktop users can browse their web version with any browser and now in this article i just show you the best way to threema delete message from everyone and so many threema users looking for it.

Is it possible to delete messages from everyone of threema messageing app?

This is a question i found on so many questions and answers forums and now i decided that i want to solve this query: basically in short answare is possible, and here i will show you how to that with just simple three steps:

Steps To Delete Message from Everyone on Threema App

  1. First, you need to open the Threema App and then select the desired Chat from the app.
  2. Now you just click and hold your finger on the message “that you want to delete” and wait for a Moment.
  3. Now you see a message that will appear to you “Easy to Remove” so just click on it.

Now you did it, this is a very simple step to remove a message from threema messaging app, and i hope now you can also, do this on your app, so if you found anything error then ask me in the comment section, that’s why i will give you solution about it.