Five Ways to Improve the Content on Your Site: Our Tips on How to Be Exciting and Attract New Readers

When you are a content writer or editor, you will find yourself in a lot of situations where you end up writing or editing the same article over and over again. On top of that, if you are getting into the content writing or editing game, you want your content to be the top result on search engines.

It can be exhausting for everyone to write and edit the same thing repeatedly because the articles published will start to look like each other. We can also say for sure that your audience will not appreciate the lack of imagination.

To help you make your content different and exciting, we will present five different ways to improve it.

1. NeuralText


We all need a little help sometimes to get the creative juices flowing, and there is no shame in admitting it. That is why our first tip is going to be your secret helper.

We are talking about NeuralText, a content automation tool with insights and research powered by an AI system. This tool can analyze every SERP and pull out worthy information from similar blogs, including topics, outlines, and questions.

Also, NeuralText can assist you in creating texts for your digital marketing campaigns or blog updates and posts, and it will do so by using the most developed neural networks. The tool is commonly used by copywriters, bloggers, and SEO strategists, mainly because the AI system watches out for your website placement.

We strongly recommend this tool; it is worth checking out and giving it a go. The Appsumo offer gives you a 60-day money-back guarantee for the tool; if you decide against it, you will not lose a dime.

2. Proofread

Papers on table

We all understand that this part of the job is very mundane, and you do not want to do it sometimes, but it is necessary to proofread every post before you publish it. Grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, stylistically odd phrases or sentences, etc., display unprofessionalism, and it may turn your audience away from your content.

We recommend using a tool that will allow you to correct the mistakes by clicking on a button. Such a tool will save you a lot of time; however, you will have to prevent the tool from changing some parts of the text. The system does not recognize some phrases or names that are stylistically and purposefully spelled like that. This part you can check yourself or hire a person from the Edit My Essay service.

If you want our top recommendation, we would have to say Grammarly. It is free to download and use on all devices, such as smartphones or tablets, and can be implemented everywhere, in your texts, google searches, documents, etc. You will never make a grammatical error again.

On top of that, do not forget to find a plagiarism checker free of cost.

3. Add a Personal Touch

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Adding a personal touch to your content can mean a lot to your audience. Some recognizable phrases or a distinguished writing style can be handy when building your reputation as a content writer and reaching out to new audiences.

Being personal will show consistency and that you feel comfortable with your content and don’t restrain yourself when writing it. This goes for editors as well, which can sometimes be harder, but it’s still rewarding.

That being said, don’t mistake personal touch with unprofessionalism. You still have to be professional when writing your content, but don’t be monotone and risk sounding like an AI robot.

4. Do Your Research

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Always do your research before working on your content. Even if you think you are an expert in something, it doesn’t hurt to spend a few more minutes researching the topic further.

Moreover, it is essential to know where to look for insightful information and what you need to extract from it to present in your article. Be concise and to the point with your text to engage the readers from the start and not confuse what they are reading.

Your communication needs to be trustworthy and correct; that is why we strongly recommend that the original website be the primary information source.

5. Enjoy Your Work

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Sometimes, enjoying your work can be tough, especially if you think nobody will read it, but if you do not enjoy what you are doing, what is the point?

Whether content writing is your full-time job or a side gig, if the articles you are writing aren’t enjoyable for you, your work will suffer, and ultimately, you will as well.

Show interest in topics you are writing about, and you will find yourself learning a lot of beneficial information and attracting readers who want to read what you have to say.


Keep in mind these five steps next time you are working on your texts and see how you benefit from them. Enjoy your time writing articles and have fun.

Also, don’t be discouraged if you can’t do everything by yourself. That is why we also introduced you to tools that can lift some weight off your shoulders and help you out.

If you want just one tool to help you write your content, we recommend NeuralText, a tool that has everything you may need.