VivaVideo for Laptop Free Download on Windows 10/8.1/8

Now Dayes So Mnay Internet Users Doing Video Editing For There YouTube Channel.

You have YouTube channel? If yes! then comment first and answere my question.

So for your YouTube help im introduceing you an awesome Video editor softwere for you.

Basically, already i compared which video editor is better for you and i know on this compression Kinemaster won and we know kinemaster is better then vivavideo, but don’t leave this article because VivaVideo editor is free to use and i already told you that, you can use both software on an android phone so that’s why i making this article for you.

Basically, if you’re a Windows laptop user then definitely you’re looking for the best video editing software if yes! then just read the article carefully because where I’m going to introduce you to Vivavideo for laptop free download for windows 10, 8, 9, 7 users.

So to download and use VivaVideo editor on your laptop just read the full article and carefully implement all the steps below, so if you follow me then you can use this editor on your Laptop.

According to Play-Store: TheVivaVideo Editor is Number One Video Editor for Android with over 200 Million downloads on Google Play Store 🙂

Stats of this app

Free VivaVideo Editor Softwere For Laptop

VivaVideo is one of the best and coolest video editing software out of the market, and this editor offering lots of features and tools for video editing lovers, so this is the main reason that I’m introducing this software to you.

This is basically for android mobile users, but also, you can use this software on your Pc or laptop without any problem, because here im, and i will give you all the steps to do this, and using this Vivavideo editor is very simple and easy, because so many android users are a noob to use any video editor software and this is the main reason to use the Vivavideo editor.

We know that windows or laptop has so many software for video editing but those are complicated to use and also, we see almost every software are paid to use, and that’s why i will show you how you can install and use Vivavideo on your laptop without money?

Free VivaVideo Editor Features For Laptop

VivaVideo for Laptop
VivaVideo Editor Features

Why you use this video editor on your laptop?

Because if we want to use anything then we need some features to use the product or software, so what is the main feature of this app, and why we use this?

Don’t worry here i will show you and give you a brief knowledge of this app feature and then you decide if you want to use this or not? so just see what feature has on this video editor software.

Pro Video Editor Feature on Free: This is one of the best free video editing software that you can get and use with free and that’s why so many vloggers using this editor for there youtube videos, and also, the most popular website android authority said that “VivaVideo is the powerful video editor & video maker app with all fashion editing functions” and this is the proof of this is one of the most popular apps for video editing.

Video Maker with Song: If you wondering to download the best video editing software for your TikTok videos then don’t worry just download VivaVideo editor and use this for your Tiktok video, also, in this software you will get awesome up to date music songs and transitions and effects easily with FREE.

Video Cutter and Editor: We need a Video cutter for our any video shoot, and this is one of the most needed tools for us, and we need this badly for better editing, so if you want to cut you any unuseful part of your videos then use the Vivavideo editor, because this app has Video Cutter tool.

Add Text to Video: This is another useful feature for YouTubers and any type of video editors because for our brand name we need to add Text on our video, and that’s why if you use this editor then you will get this easily and you can add your brand logo without any problem.

This app has o many extra features, like Blur Video, Video effects editor, Video Creator App, and that’s why i recommend that if you want those types of features then start using this app.

On your Pc or laptop, you will get more features and tools, and also, this is an awesome interface and very smooth to use, so if you want to edit your video just like your dream then start using the VivaVideo editor on your laptop, and don’t worry i will teach you the proper way to download and install VivaVideo software on your Laptop or Pc.

Download and Use Vivavideo For Laptop Windows 10/8.1/8

VivaVideo for Laptop
Download and Use Vivavideo For Laptop Windows 10/8.1/8

So now its time to install the VivaVideo app on your laptop and i will give you the easy way to do that, so just follow my all steps, this is very simple just you need to install some software on your laptop then you can do it.

  • First, go to this link (BlueStacks)
  • Then just download this software on your laptop according to your system.
  • Then just install this software on your Laptop with just simple steps.
  • When you installed the Bluestacks software on your laptop, then you just open this and then go to the settings option.
  • Then just go to “Account” and add your play store information on this software.
  • Now see you added the play store on your laptop with the help of this app, and now you can download and use any android apps and games on your laptop, just like your android phone.
  • So to download “VivaVideo on your laptop” just go to “Play Store” and then search for this name “VivaVideo” and then press “Enter”.
  • Then just open the “VivaVideo” app and then just click on the “Install” and then wait for installation complete, and then wait for the “Open option”.
  • When you see an “Open” option will come on your screen then you just open it and start using the VivaVideo editor on your laptop without any problem.

Basically, those steps are useful for Blustacks users, so if you use the BlueStacks then you can do it easily, and if you want to install any android apps of games then definitely you need to install and use emulator software first then you can do it and run any android apps on your laptop or Pc.

Download Vivavideo With NoxPlayer on Laptop

So now its time to run vivavideo editor on NoxPlayer software, because if your pc or laptop doesn’t support the BlueStacks then here is another alternative software for you, and its called NoxPlayer and this will help you to install and run vivavideo editor on your laptop.

Using NoxPlayer is very easy just open this app and then add your play store account on this app, just like you added on BlueStacks software and then you see this NoxPlayer also, has there play store app just like your android phone, so just click on it and open this.

After open this app you just search for this “VivaVideo” and install this app on your laptop, and here you go now your laptop was installing the vivavideo editor on NoxPlayer, and when downloading complete then you can easily use this on your laptop without any problem.

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Does VivaVideo work on PC?

Yes! VivaVideo software was properly working on Pc or laptop, and here i will already showed you all steps to install and use this software on your Pc or laptop, but here is the thing, you cant get this app from any windows store, you need to install any emulator software first and then you can use this Vivavideo app on your Pc.

Is Viva video available for Windows 10?

Now you can use this on your windows 10, and thats mean its available for all windows users.

How can I download videos from the Viva Video app?

So to download video from VivaVideo editor app you need to click on “Save” and then you need to select the format of this video according to you and then you see your video was saved on your Gallary.


So I think now you can do it on your Pc or laptop, just using my steps, and you need to know one thing and that was “you need to use an emulator for download and use the vivavideo editor app on your laptop or Pc” so mind this.

Now its time to leave, so before leaving this article, if you like this article then share and do a good comment below, and if you do that’s then i will give you more articles and video editing related articles more and more, so do comment below.