Not Receiving Whatsapp Messages Unless I Open The App

Are you facing not receiving Whatsapp messages unless open your app? if then read the complete article and get why and how you can fix the Whatsapp messaging problem from your mobile?

First, we need to know why is this problem coming to our Whatsapp messenger? then we will get the point and we will fix this easily, so let’s dive into why?

Why do I only get WhatsApp messages when I open the app?

Basically, we have some fantastic features on our mobile like notifications, and that’s why we should need to check this option, because if the option will turn off then definitely we will not get any notification from the particular app or Whatsapp, so let’s check it out by using this.

Go to settings > now find the Apps > then find the Whatsapp app from the list of your installed apps and then click on the Whatsapp > now find the Notification button and click on it and then Enable the notification reminder.

Fix Not Receiving Whatsapp Messages

Now it’s time to check if your Do not disturb mode activates or not? so to check this you need to follow some other instructions below.

Open your notification panel by scrolling your window, and then find the “Do not disturb” feature and check if this enables or not? if you see this is enabled then disable it.

Now check if your Whatsapp notification working or not?

If doesn’t work then follow some other instruction below to fix this error.

Background Data Restricted or Not?

First go to your settings and then find the Apps section and then again go to the list of your installed apps, and find the Whatsapp messenger and click on it and go to the Data usage option and check is your background data restricted or not if this is restricted then try not restricted your background data.

Reset Whatsapp App Preferences

This is my one of the best method to fix any type of error, and now its time to fix the Whatsapp messaging error, and basically using this method you can clear your all old cache or data of your any particular app and that’s why this method works better than anything.

Settings app > Apps > Menu icon > Reset app preferences and that’s set now try to check if this worked or not?

Bottom Line

If those methods don’t work then try to uninstall your Whatsapp application and then again go to play store and then download the app again and install it.

So if you found anything helpful then please do share or do comment below, or if you want to know anything about Whatsapp then also, ask me in the same comment box, Thank you.

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