How To Send Unlimited Messages On WhatsApp In One Click?

Welcome to our latest article, were published so many articles related to WhatsApp, Telegram and so many more social communication messaging apps, and also, we published so many articles related to WhatsApp tips android tips and telegram tips on this website.

If you want to read those articles then you just go to How Toand What Is category then you will find those articles easily, and now in this article, I will show how you can send unlimited messages on Whatsapp in one click by using your android or tablet phone?

Is it possible to do it? I would say it is easy to do but those who do not know about these tricks will say that it is impossible to do it, so you need to read this article carefully to know about full trick related to WhatsApp message, and I will give the complete step by step process to do this.

Is It Possible To Send Unlimited Messages On Whatsapp?

If you’re thinking this is not possible then I will say you, you don’t know how to that, basically, nowdays peoples want anything to viral by using WhatsApp bulk messages that’s why WhatsApp takes action against those peoples and now WhatsApp will banned you if you do this on their platform.

So now what you can do for sending bulk SMS on Whatsapp? now there is one way to do this, you need to use bulk SMS sender software for sending unlimited bulk SMS on WhatsApp, Yes! this is one of the best and useful tricks to send so many messages on Whatsapp, but how to use this?

How To Send Unlimited Messages On WhatsApp By Using Android or Tablet?

So I say you that: there is an option has for sending bulk SMS on WhatsApp by using a bulk SMS software and now I will show you how you can use this software for your android or tablet? so stay with this article and read…

  • First, you need to go to your Play Store.
  • Then search for this app on the search bar “Whats Crazy” and then search for it.
  • After searching for this name you will find an app like WhatsApp icon.
  • Then you just “Install” this app on your android or tablet phone.
  • Then “Open” the app and give all the permissions.
  • Then you look on the three boxes on there and the first box you type your victim’s WhatsApp number.
  • And the second box if you want to send messages on any group then type the group name.
  • And the last box you just type the message that you want to send on your victim or anyone’s number.
  • After putting all the things you just look on the down and see you can do your message “bold, italic, or so many styles” if you want to do then you can do it, or if you want to send blank messages then also, you can do it by using the “Reverse, or Blank” option.
  • So if you want to do you can do it, so after setting all the things you just click the “Repeat Count” and here you just select your package of which number of SMS you want to send on your gives number? so you need to give that by selecting on any number and after doing this now click on the “SEND MSGS” option, and you’re done your messages now sending automatically.

So that now checks if your messaging software working or not? by using your own number if this is working properly then you can proceed, and you can do your job.


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Using this method you can send bulk SMS on your any friends WhatsApp number or if you want to know anything regarding WhatsApp then comment me and ask me which trick you need to know?