How to Save Videos on Telegram on PC or Mac (Just 6 Steps)

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Now let’s come to our main point, basically, i already published so many articles related to the Telegram app and i already teach you all the advanced things of the telegram in a practical way so if you missed them then read those old articles on my website.

Now we see one thing, so many times we found videos on our telegram channel like Funny videos, movies, movies trailers, and so many more, and then we want to download and watch then but we couldn’t do that because we don’t know exactly how to save videos on telegram PC or Mac and that’s why i think you’re wondering to know about this.

So don’t worry here im, i m going to give you the easy the steps of how you can download or save any videos or movies on your telegram with your PC or Mac? so just follow my al the steps below and then you implement those things on your operating system.

Steps To Download or Save Videos on Telegram on PC or Mac

So now we’re going to know how you can do it with some easy steps and I’m going to give you the easiest steps to do that so just follow my steps below carefully.

Open the Telegram desktop app on your computer: when you install telegram on Pc you see a Telegram icon create on your desktop and this is the icon of telegram official so just click on it and open it by using your Mac or Pc.

Now go to your channel or parson Id who send you the video: So after going the telegram app now you just find the person or channel who send you the video and go on there.

Right-click on the Video or Movie: So i think you found the video, if yes! then go to the video and Right-click on your mouse on the video and wait for more options, and then just find the “save video as” and click on it.

Save the movie or video: Now it will show you to save the full movie or video on your computers like your Mac or Pc, so just select the download path and save the full video.

Select the folder: When you select the folder then you carefully select this because here is the folder where you will find your video easily so select the perfect path.

Click the “Save” button: After doing all the things now its time to save the video on your Pc or Mac so to that just click the “Save” button from the downside of the new window, and now just wait and check the folder that you selected before.

This is all the process that i showed you on this, so using these easy six steps you can easily download and save any videos from telegram to your Mac or Pc, and this is a very easy and fast method.

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