How To Rejoin Telegram Group When You Are Banned From This Group?

Telegram is one of the best unique communication app for android and IOS, and nowdays this application is going to be more popular on the internet, that’s why recently I published an article related to telegram app and where I teach you about what is telegram application? if you do not read this then read from here:

Also, I published an article related to “Telegram this channel cannot be displayed android problem” so if you’re facing those types of problems then read this also, but now in this article, I will show you how you can easily rejoin Telegram group when you are banned from this group?

Suppose you blocked or banned from a group now what you can do? you can’t do anything because they blocked you from there group, but if I say there I have another technique to rejoin this group again, then what you do? yes! I have an amazing technique about how you can rejoin the banned group of the telegram? so if you want to know this technique then read this article carefully.

Why You Get Banned From Telegram Group?

Before we get start this article we need to know why you got banned from any telegram group? what is the reason for this? because if you know that then definitely this will never happen again.

There are two simple reasons to ban you from telegram group one is: If you do any spam post on any group and if multiple users give your report then definitely you will get ban, and the second reason is: if you anything wrong on the group then admin will give you ban from this group.

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So you need to keep in mind about those reasons, if you keep in mind those things then you never got any ban from any telegram group, and also if you already got banned from any group then here I have an amazing tutorial for you and I will show you how you can get back on your group again after ban.

Rejoin Telegram Group When You Are Banned From This Group

  1. First, open your Telegram app and uninstall this on your phone.
  2. Then you need to visit the official telegram site, so just click on this link – “Delete Account or Manage”Apps
  3. Then you need to enter your phone number on the first box.
  4. Then you just check your number and get the code, because when you put the number then they will give you a code, so you just get the code from your number.
  5. Then put the code on this box.
  6. Then simply remove the site or tab.
  7. Then you just reopen the link again by clicking in this link – Delete Account or Manage”Apps – then here you just tell a reason why you want to delete your account?
  8. After doing this now you can reinstall the telegram app and then again make your account and join the banned group.

If this method does not work then you need to read my second words because here I will give you a notice about this topic, and I will give you a piece of knowledge about this topic.

Note This: Basically there is no way to get back of any group if you do any spam or anything and if you got banned from any group, there is not has no official way to get back your banned group again. but if admin banned you then just go to your group admin and say him to unbanned you and if they give you a chance then you will get back your banned group again.


How long does Telegram ban last for android or PC users?

Basically there is no fixed time when you unbanned from here because it depends on your bed work if you do a big violation of the telegram policy then definitely your punishment also be a long time, so you need to follow the telegram policy for not getting ban.

Can Telegram be hacked?

No, and Yes! why? because there two possibilities are there, because if you don’t follow telegram security policy then definitely you will get hacked, and also if you give your phone to anyone and if he got the OTP from your telegram account then definitely this is also a big chance to hacked from telegram, and why No? because if you follow all the things then definitely you cant got hacked from telegram.

In which countries Telegram is banned?

You know the popular telegram is banned from so many countries like Iran, where it’s banned, and Ethiopia. also, banned from China, Pakistan, and Russia.


I think now you know what I want to tell you basically telegram has there strong policy you have to follow their policies, if you follow their policy then you can’t ban anywhere.

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So if you found anything helpful from my this article then please do share and also, if you found anything wrong on my article then also, please let me know me about this by commenting, so thank you and goodbye!