What Is Search the Web For Whatsapp? (Explained)

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And now in this particular article, I will teach you about WhatsApp search the web feature that WhatsApp brought on recently and they announced about this feature on their website, this is the official link.

So here I will give you brief information about this topic and if you’re interested to know about WhatsApp search the web feature then stay with my article and read carefully.

What Is Search the Web For Whatsapp?

We realize that now dayes so many bed peoples are doing wrong and illegal work on WhatsApp and they peoples are sharing wrong news on WhatsApp and peoples also, sharing this news on so many peoples, and this is really very bad things for us.

And many times such false news causes a lot of big losses for us and our country’s and this is the main reason for launching the search the web feature on WhatsApp and using this feature we can stop this bad thing from our social life.

According to WhatsApp they already reduced the share count, mean now you cant share so many peoples on one time and also, WhatsApp brings a magnifying glass icon on the latest WhatsApp and using this glass you can easily identify any fake news.

You just need to use the magnifying glass and you can check any news from google because it will redirect you on google, and this feature now working for Brazil, Italy, Ireland, Mexico, Spain, UK, and US users, if the feature work perfectly then we can also, use them.


So this is how WhatsApp Search the Web feature work and what is this? I think now you understand this topic and if you don’t know what is this? then please comment below and tell me about which line you don’t understand and if you do this then I will teach you about this line.

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