How To Share WhatsApp Status To Other Apps Like IMO, Instagram?

We know WhatsApp has there status feature on their platform and this feature launched a long time ago, and I already published so many articles related to this topic, and also, I will already showed you how to add status on Whatsapp?

If you’re a WhatsApp web user then don’t worry I already published an article about how to add status on WhatsApp web? and now I will teach you how you can easily share WhatsApp status to other apps like IMO, Telegram, Hike, Instagram, and many others?

So if you’re searching to know about this topic then here you’re on the right place because here I will teach you the complete step by step process about how you can add your WhatsApp status on other apps, and don’t worry I will show you two method to do this.

So Here Are Some Steps To Share WhatsApp Status To Other Apps

I have two easy methods to this on your android Whatsapp account, one is if you want to add your new status on WhatsApp and you want to add this status to other apps at same time then you can do it by using my first method.

Share Your New Status

  • First, Update your WhatsApp and open it.
  • Then go to the status tab from your WhatsApp account dashboard.
  • Click on the “camera icon” to share your status.
  • Once your WhatsApp status will complete sharing then you will find a “share to Facebook” option down below on share status.
  • Here you can easily use two options one is sharing icon and one is share button so just click on anyone.
  • See now your all the apps are popped up on your face now you can easily share your WhatsApp status on any social media app.

So this is working and 100% working method for all WhatsApp users, and you need to update WhatsApp if any problem will appear on your screen, and now its time to show my second method to share status on any apps, basically if you have already status on your WhatsApp and now you want to share these statuses to other apps then this is for you and you just follow steps below to do this.

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Share Your Old Status

  • First, you just open your WhatsApp account (Must need to update from play store)
  • Then go to the status tab from your dashboard and see your old status and here you will find “Three dots” menu just click on it.
  • Then you will see a share button on there just click on it.
  • Then see here your all the apps that you already using on your android or tablet phone now you can tap on any app and share your WhatsApp status on any app.


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This is for you, i think now you can do it on your whatsapp account and now you can easyly share your whatsapp status to your any apps, and dont worry you can do it on your any hone like tablet, iPhone.

So if you found anything helpful then please do share on your facebook frends and tell me about this topic, and if you found any query related this topic then also, tell me about this on the same box.