How To Remove Snapchat Caption 04 – Ways?

Snapchat is one of the best platform for social media users and almost every peoples now using Snapchat because of this app features and in those dayes Snapchat using almost every peoples.

I see so many forums and social media platform of a query, and I see so many users want to remove Snapchat captions from there photos and they are not finding any solution.

And that’s the main reason why I made this article for those users who want to remove Snapchat captions from there old photos, and I have so many ways to this also, i solution for iPhone users, so stay with us.

Method 01

If you’re looking to remove Snapchat caption then here you’re in the right place, and here I will show you how you can do it easily by using some easy method, and if you have already saved any picture on Snapchat then you can do it.

  • So first go to the saved pictures and find the photo that you want to remove cations.
  • When you open the save picture you will find four options like “Export snap, Delete snap, My eyes only, Edit snap, Send Snap” you just click on the “Edit snap” option.
  • Then here you will see an “Edit” option will open your face, now here you can using the edit feature you can easily remove your Snapchat captions.

So i think now you understand how to remove that from your old Snapchat picture, also, if you failed to do then use my second method to remove any caption from Snapchat.

Method 02

If you have any PC or laptop then you just copy and send those Snapchat pictures from your android to pc or laptop, and then open your laptop and go to the “Photo Eraser software” and then open all the images one by one and erase all the captions easily.

Method 3 For iPhone

So you can do it if you have android or PC but if you have an iPhone then what you can do for it? don’t worry I have a solution for it, I have a method for iPhone users to permanently remove any Snapchat captions from iPhone.

  • Go to your Itunes store.
  • Then search for an app called, “Remove Snapchat Caption” and install the app.
  • So after installing the app, this will automatically removed your all the Snapchat captions easily from your photos because this is an algorithm-based iPhone software.

Snapchat: Magic Eraser Will Help You To Remove Captions

Snapchat magic eraser is one of the best photo editing software for Snapchat users and this feature will help you to remove captions from your photo with simple and easy.

You just open this app and open the photo that you want to remove captions and then click on the “Cutter” from the right corner and erase your captions by using your finger, and that’s set.

Now you see your photo doesn’t have any captions, so I think now you’re completely know how to remove any Snapchat photo captions?

Download Caption Remover for Snapchat Apk To Remove Your Snapchat Captions

Yeah! this is another application for android users, and using this simple application Snapchat users can remove their old Snapchat photo cations easily with the help of this app.

  • So to remove your Snapchat photo caption just go to this link: Caption Remover for Snapchat
  • Download this app from the play store and install it.
  • Then start using this app and easily remove your old photo captions in 2020.


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