How To Share Screen in Facebook Messenger Calls?

Facebook is one of the best social media platform for us and nowadays this is most popular and useful for all the country’s, if you like to see comedy videos or memes then Facebook is best for you, where you will find lost of funny, serious and so many topics.

Also, this is a communication platform for us, if you want to communicate with your friends and families then you can do it by using Facebook, and nowadays Facebook bringing so many features on there platform us because they want to get more and more users on their platform.

That’s why recently facebook launched an awesome and interesting feature and using this feature you can now easily share screen in facebook boy while you’re video calling with your friends and families, so if you’re an android user then you can do it.

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Now in this particular article, I will show you how you can easily share screen in Facebook messenger calls by using your android or tablet phone, so if you’re a Facebook user and if you love to do group video calling then this article for you, just follow my all the steps.

Share Screen in Facebook Messenger Calls Using Android or Tablet

If you want to get the advantage of the Facebook latest update then you can do it by using my some steps below, so if you’re using android or any tablet or PC then you can also do this by using the same method below, so without wasting time lets get start our today’s article.

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  • First, go to play store and update your Facebook messenger app for your phone,
  • Then you just open your messenger app and then log-in with your account.
  • After log-in with your account now you just create a video calling conference with your friends.
  • Then you just swipe up on the bottom toolbar and then here you will find the “Call end” option.
  • Then you will find a “Share Your Screen” option on the below so you just click on it.
  • Then you will see an option called “Continue” just click on it, and you will see how your friends or families now watching your screen and now you’re on live with your all friends or anyone.

This is the step by step process about how you can share screen in Messenger calls, if you didn’t find any option from here then try to update your Facebook messenger from google play store then again try to do this, and if you’re thinking to do it on your windows computer or Pc then also, you can do it by using the same method.

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FAQs Related To This Topic

What is screen sharing on messenger for android?

Basically now you can share your screen on anyone by using this feature, and now Facebook messenger app support to share your video call to multiple people.

How do I enable screen sharing on Messenger Iphone?

So if you want to share your screen of Facebook then you need to go to your app store and then you just search for this application “GoToMeeting” and download and open it, then you need to “enable” control setting on your device, so to that you need to go your “settings” option and you need to go on your “control settings” and then go to “customize control” and then select the “screen recorder” and after doing this you just open the app and then click on the “join” and start video calling, and then swipe up and select the “3D” settings and start doing video calling with multiple users.

Why can’t I Screen Share on Messenger on mobile?

Some android mobile users cant screen share on messenger but why? because they need to do “enable” or grant all the app permission on the settings option, so you just go to the app and then find your messenger app and go to permission and “allow” all permission from here, after doing this try to do video call on the messenger app.

Is screen sharing safe for messenger users?

Yes! this is one of the best and safe features for messengers users, so you can safely use this screen share feature on your android or any OS if your Facebook account safe then definitely your screen sharing feature also safe to you.


So I think now you understand how to that on your Facebook account if you really enjoy this tutorial about this topic then please do share and also, if you found anything wrong on this article then please feel free and ask me in the same comment box below, that’s why I will solve my all wrong things from this article, so now its time to leave take care and goodbye!