How To Listen to Whatsapp Voice Messages Before Sending Anyone?

Welcome to our another article related to WhatsApp tips and tricks, basically, this is a feature of WhatsApp that WhatsApp recently launched on their platform for us, and I already used this feature and I realized this is best for me and al of WhatsApp users.

In this website, I already published so many articles related to WhatsApp features and I already step by step showed you how to implement those features on your WhatsApp account, and now I see WhatsApp released there another feature on their platform.

So now I will show you how you can use this feature and how to listen to Whatsapp voice messages before sending anyone or anywhere? Yes! this is really very helpful for us because so many times we want to stop our voice massages but we can’t do, so this is best for us.

Steps To Listen to Whatsapp Voice Messages Before Sending (Android, iPhone, or Tablet)

If you really want to listen to WhatsApp voice messages before sending then follow my step by step process, don’t worry if you’re an iPhone user or any phone user then also you can do it by using this same method, so you can follow my step by step guide about this topic.

  • First, if you didn’t update your WhatsApp app then update this on the new version.
  • Then open the WhatsApp app and then find where you want to send the voice messages.
  • Then find the “Mic” button and click on it and then immediately swipe up the button and lock the recording option.
  • Then now you just record your voice messages and then after completing your recording you just press your “Home” button I mean your power button.
  • After doing this again press the power button and unlock your phone and see how your voice message is ready to listen after sending it to anyone.
  • Here you can listen or also you can delete them, this is your choice, so if you want to listen to the voice message you need to click the small play button and then you can listen to your recorded voice.
  • And if you want to send them then click the “send” button.

So now you can know about how to do this, also if you don’t know my steps then go to youtube and search your query and watch video tutorials about your any topics, and also i said you you can do this on your iPhone also,

FAQs Related To This Topic

How to send voice messages on WhatsApp?

So to send WhatsApp voice message you need to go on your any Whatsapp id that you want to send your messages, and then tap and hold the “mic” button and start recording your voice and after complete, all the recording you just stop taping on “mic” and then this will automatically send your voice messages.

How to send a longer voice message on whatsapp?

So if you want to send any longer voice message on Whatsapp you need to go on your any id that you want to send a message and then you need to again tap and hold the “mic” and then slide up your finger and put this on the “lock” button and after your voice recording complete then you just send it easily.

Is it possible to hear my WhatsApp voice messages before sending it to anyone?

Yes! you can listen to your voice message before sending because WhatsApp officially gives you the right, just you need to follow my all the instruction to this.

Why won’t my audio messages play on android?

If you getting any problem to listening to your voice messaging on WhatsApp please check some steps: first you just check is your volume up or down and then after this will be checked just check is your audio permission is enable or not by going on “settings” and then app. and then find WhatsApp and go to “permission” and check the audio permission.

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That’s set, now you can preview your recorded voice messages before sending them to anyone or anywhere, or if you have any question related to this topic then comment me on the below I will fix your any query related to this topic.

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