How To Send Automated Replies In WhatsApp By Using Android?

Welcome to our another how-to article where basically we share about android and many other things how to do type articles and tutorials, and recently I will shared with you about Whatsapp clickable links and also I will previously share with you what is Whatsapp and how Whatsapp is growing day by day,

Basically WhatsApp is one of the best and most popular chatting platforms I’ve seen and they are going to get better day by day and they want to make their app userfriendly and faster, that’s why they bringing latest and awesome features on their platform and users also like those,

Recently Whatsapp announced and bring a new feature called Automated Replies, using this feature you can do an automatic replay of any massages, if you’re a blogger or any social media celebrity then this feature is really very helpful to you, If you are a celebrity then definitely you don’t have much time to reply all messages,

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So here in this particular article, I will show you how you can easily replay your any messages by using autoresponder app, so if you want to learn how to send automated replies in WhatsApp then stay tuned with us we will show you the complete step by step process how to do that of your android phone?

Step By Step Process How To Send Automated Replies In WhatsApp?

  • So first you need to download and Install the AutoResponder android app for Whatsapp app, if you want to download this app from google play store then click the download button and download it,
  • After installing this app now it’s time to open the application so you just open the app and grant all the permission of this application,
  • After grant all the permission of the app now you just click on the “Add button” option and create a rule.
  • Now its time to add a message, “example: Hello” this means if anyone says you hello,
  • Now you put your message according to the “hello” I mean what you want to replay according to the “hello”
  • After setting all the things now you can also set any number whom you want to auto-respond to,

Note: if you want more feature then you need to buy the premium feature of this app, so if you want then buy this app, the premium feature is all-time best from free,


So I think now you can do it of your Whatsapp account, actually, this is not so much hard work just you need to install an app and then you need to do some settings for this and that’s set you will see this app is automatically working, also, if you have any problem regarding this topic then please comment below I will fix your problems very soon! thank you and goodbye!

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